Why This 1 ‘NCIS’ Character Never Stood a Chance at Satisfying Viewers

Many NCIS characters – series regulars and seasonal guest stars – have been met with positive reception, becoming iconic with each passing season. Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs will always be the glue that holds the team together. Michael Weatherly’s DiNozzo will live on – in our hearts and through re-runs– as the wise-cracking agent whose chemistry with Ziva David poured from the screen with a palpable fervor.

'NCIS' Cast
‘NCIS’ Cast | Photo by Kevin Lynch/CBS via Getty Images

Over the course of sixteen triumphant seasons, NCIS has seen its fair share of actors. Many come and go, using the show as a springboard to catalyze a career in showbiz. Given that the procedural is the most-watched scripted drama series on the air, it’s wise to come on board when you’re just starting out. Or, if you would like to place your face back on some Billboards (alla Maria Bello style). 

The only problem: what if you come onto the show and people don’t like you? One current regular in NCIS has been the victim of backlash, as her character seems mimetic and uninspired – a slightly altered version of her beloved predecessor. 

Why Kasie Hines never stood a chance in ‘NCIS:’ blame the writers 

Diona Reasonover came onto the (crime) scene as Kasie Hines when Pauley Perrette left NCIS in 2018. Serving as Abby Sciuto’s replacement, Reasonover already had tough shoes to fill. However, her character would have stood a better chance – at finding her way into viewers hearts – if the writers didn’t completely mishandle her personality. 

When Abby Sciuto was on the series, she was geeky in a cool way. She was the lovable nerd, solving cases with an unrealistic degree of insight and scientific prowess that may not have always been factually accurate. However, we loved her anyway. We loved the geeky, tattooed, young at heart character that she was. 


While Hines may not boast Abby’s father-daughter dynamic with Gibbs, she is nerdy, young, and, most importantly, she is written as a lovable geek. This is where the writers went wrong. While Ziva’s replacement (Bishop) was written in stark contrast to the former Mossad Agent, Hines aligns far too much with her predecessor; meaning, fans will always compare the two.

Whether consciously or not, the writers have created a situation that almost always leads to failure: they tried to replace, rather than add or recreate. If you go into casting with the mindset of “replacing” as opposed to creating an entirely “new” person, you’re starting off on the wrong foot. 

What fans have to say about Kasie Hines in ‘NCIS’

Fans are quite disappointed with Kasie, as she fails to bring anything unique to the show. Her relationships with the other agents feel weak and muted, and she lacks defining and captivating character qualities. One fan calls Kasie the “worst main” character, stating:

“Worst Main: Kasie… boring character. She has an unfortunate disadvantage because no one can replace Abby’s quirky, fun, and adorable personality”

Another fan chimed in to explain that Kasie any Abby are virtually synonymous, stating, “…they give us Abby with only half the annoyingness (so far).” When it comes to Kasie, the actress is not the one at fault. Rather, the writers made a grave mistake. Moving forward, Kasie will have to take on some defining quirks and tendencies if the writers hope to save her. Kasie still has a chance at winning fans over; let’s hope the writers give the character the attention she deserves in season 17.