Why Trevor Noah Thinks This Celebrity Couple is the Nicest

Most of us would probably agree Trevor Noah is one of the “nicest” comedians out there who hasn’t had any scandals or put his foot in his mouth on Twitter. His brand of comedy on The Daily Show is still in tune with what Jon Stewart offered for years without necessarily stepping over lines like The Onion occasionally does.

Even so, Noah isn’t afraid to say things as they are, including major compliments when warranted. No doubt he’s never afraid to go after celebrity couples he isn’t crazy about, including when they appear on his show. When it comes to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Noah hasn’t hesitated to call them the nicest couple around.

Is he right, or is it just a celebrity illusion?

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah | Noam Galai/Getty Images for TIME

Where did Noah call Legend and Teigen the nicest couple in Hollywood?

If you really want to get to know Trevor Noah better than you ever have, watch a recent interview he gave on First We Feast where celebrities are served hot chicken wings while asked probing questions. Noah was completely game on answering numerous questions about people he knows in the industry and his personal impressions.

When host Sean Evans asked Trevor to explain an old photo of him at the Met Gala posing with Legend and Teigen, it took a bit of explanation. Noah said he’d just arrived in America to start working on The Daily Show and felt like a fish out of water going to such a prestigious NYC event.

Just when Noah said he felt out of place, Chrissy Teigen blurted out his name on the red carpet as a form of recognition. She called him over to her and John Legend to facetiously tell him not to “F up” hosting TDS. They subsequently posed together for a group selfie, hence becoming a photo kicking off Noah’s entrance into being a respected comedian/celebrity.

After explaining the photo, Noah noted Legend and Teigen are the nicest showbiz couple in Tinseltown. We won’t argue based on the evidence, even if not everyone agrees.

Legend and Teigen have appeared with Noah together on other shows

To show you how good of friends Noah became with Legend and Teigen, you can look to some of the appearances they’ve had on TV beyond TDS. One of the most memorable goes back several years ago when all three appeared on Watch What Happens Live! to reenact social media trolls and feuds Teigen had on Twitter.

Trevor Noah played the role of the Twitter trolls with Legend lending acting support. The whole sketch was a howler, though it also showed how controversial Legend and Teigen sometimes are on their social accounts.

Teigen, in particular, is known for her open liberal political opinions, and that’s just an open invitation to being attacked by those who support the other side. Even so, are the two upholding the best torch for how showbiz marriages should work?

Maybe things look too good to be true, but actions say everything.

The couple appears open and honest

There certainly isn’t any pretense about Legend and Teigen, no matter where you see them. They were even able to translate their transparency through their CBS Christmas special last December. This show was a tribute to old Christmas specials of yore taking place in the star’s living room. Legend and Teigen made it seem more real and inviting from the usual.

Considering they both openly argue during interviews and say things most celebrities would keep private proves they believe in complete honesty. Trevor Noah no doubt loves this about them as well.

Just listen to Noah mention in his First We Feast interview how taking a dump is his vision of the best way people show their utmost realness. No, we don’t want to apply a similar analogy to Legend and Teigen’s marriage, yet being real is becoming the best attribute to being admired in Hollywood.