Why TXT’s Comeback Is Delayed

TXT Comeback
TXT | (JTBC PLUS/Imazins via Getty Images)

TXT is a K-pop group also known as Tomorrow X Together. The five-member band was created by Big Hit Entertainment who also formed BTS. The members of TXT are Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai. The group debuted in March 2019 with an EP titled The Dream Chapter: Star. A TXT comeback was expected in September 2019, but Big Hit Entertainment delayed it until October.

Why was TXT’s comeback delayed?

According to Big Hit Entertainment, Taehyun and Huening Kai have conjunctivitis, commonly known as “pink eye.”  Like most K-pop groups, TXT lives in a dorm together. When Soobin developed conjunctivitis the members were moved to separate living spaces. However, Taehyun and Huening Kai still caught the infection. 

“SOOBIN has currently been completely cured of conjunctivitis, and while doctors have said TAEHYUN and HUENINGKAI’s conditions have progressed to where they are in no danger of further spreading the condition, they continue to require medical attention and management,” read a statement from Big Hit Entertainment

While the members of the group are on the mend, production of the album was inevitably delayed. 

“As a result, it has been difficult to proceed with music video filming and other production for the new album, and a rescheduling of the release date has become unavoidable,” read the statement

TXT will still appear at award shows

TXT was originally scheduled to perform at the 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards on Aug. 23. They were also scheduled to perform at the Kansai Collection 2019 Autumn & Winter on Aug. 27. Because some of the members are still recovering, the group will appear at the events but not perform. 

“In addition, medical staff have strongly advised that the members refrain from performing… As a result, the members will participate in the events but will not be able to perform,” said Big Hit Entertainment

TXT is nominated at the 2019 MTV VMA’s

TXT was nominated for Best K-pop at the 2019 MTV VMA’s for their song, “Cat & Dog.” The group was nominated along with EXO, NCT 127, BTS, Blackpink, and Monsta X. The creation of the Best K-pop category caused a lot of controversy. After the category was announced, K-pop fans accused the awards show of xenophobia and #VMAsRacist trended on Twitter. 

BTS is not attending the MTV VMA’s because they are on a two-month break. Big Hit Entertainment never announced if TXT will appear at the MTV VMA’s. The VMA’s fall on Aug. 26, a day before the Kansai Collection 2019 Autumn & Winter. Before that, TXT will appear at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards. Because these two previously-scheduled appearances fall so close together and some of the members are still recovering, fans can assume TXT will not appear at the 2019 MTV VMA’s. 

TXT is also nominated for two Soribada Best K-Music Awards. At the Genie Music Awards, TXT was nominated for four awards. They were nominated for the Global Popularity Award, Genie Music Popularity Award, Top Artist Award, and Best New Male Artist. They won Best New Male Artist. TXT also won Male Rookie Idol of the Year at the Brand of the Year Awards.