Why ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Want Lisa Vanderpump to Fire Jax Taylor

Vanderpump Rules fans want Lisa Vanderpump to fire Jax Taylor after his insulting rant on social media over the weekend. Taking to Twitter, Taylor fired off a series of offensive comments towards another user, and fans now want Vanderpump to hold him accountable for his behavior. But will Vanderpump and her Bravo bosses give Taylor the boot from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spin-off?

Vanderpump Rules Lisa Jax Taylor
‘Vanderpump Rules’ stars Lisa Vanderpump and Jax Taylor | Photo by Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Jax Taylor dishes out slurs on social media

Over the weekend, the Vanderpump Rules star felt it was necessary to make some offensive comments towards a Twitter user with the handle, 47_Mike. The reality star blasted the guy for acting like he was straight when he is hooking up with his male roommates on the side.

“Your type of guy who is in a frat and claims he loves women, but secretly is bending over his roommate ‘chadd’ while wearing boat shoes. 20 bucks says I hit the nail on the head,” Taylor shared.

Based on the tweet, it sounds like Taylor is just making things up, which is pretty insensitive and insulting to the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, Taylor did not stop there.

The Vanderpump Rules star later called the guy a loser and made fun of him for reading articles on the website, Page Six, which highlighted Jax Taylor’s questionable past. He also lobbed a few barbs at the guy’s girlfriend and asked why she was being his “beard.”

The beard comment, of course, is an insinuation that the user is in the closet and is using his girlfriend to act straight. Vanderpump Rules fans naturally disliked the exchange and immediately called on Vanderpump and Bravo to make some changes.

Will Taylor get the boot?

There is no telling if Taylor’s comments will actually lead to his dismissal from Vanderpump Rules, but this is hardly the first time he has been involved in a scandal.

According to Lalate News, Jax Taylor has previously refused to acknowledge his real name, even when he wasn’t in front of the camera. He also often deletes mentions of his real name on Twitter and Instagram, which has caused a stir among fans.

None of this really compares to some of the things Taylor has done on the show or his latest tweet. But considering his history as a whole, perhaps it is time for Vanderpump to clean house.

That said, Bravo is also facing controversy with Southern Charm star Shep Rose, who recently made disparaging remarks towards a homeless woman. The network has not done anything about Rose, so there is probably a good chance Taylor slides by yet again.

Jax Taylor opens up about new scandal

Vanderpump Rules fans reacted pretty negatively towards Taylor after his comments, with some accusing the reality star of being homophobic.

In response to the chatter, Taylor assured his followers that he has nothing against gay people and that anyone who thinks he is homophobic is an idiot.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear why Jax Taylor lashed out in the first place. The original post was about Adidas and did not mention Taylor by name. We have no idea what prompted Taylor’s rant, but it does come amid reports that his marriage with Brittany Cartwright is in trouble.

Taylor has not commented on the rumors surrounding his marriage, but he has claimed that things are going great between him and Cartwright.

Taylor dishes on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ salary

While we wait to see what happens with Taylor, the reality star recently opened up about how much he got paid in the early years of Vanderpump Rules.

In a new interview, Taylor revealed that he received $15,000 to star in the first season of Vanderpump Rules. At the time, he had no money in his bank account and was up to his eyeballs in debt.

He also received monetary incentives and promotional deals, which raised his salary even higher. We don’t know how much Taylor is pulling down now that the series is in its eighth season, but it is probably a whole lot more than $15,000.

Vanderpump has not said anything about Jax Taylor’s recent Twitter rant, though it is something that might be addressed in the upcoming season.

Bravo has not announced when the next season of Vanderpump Rules will premiere, but it is expected to return to the network before the year is out.