Why Viewers of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Are Slamming Her Recipes

No matter what type of television you enjoy watching, there’s no doubt there’s a special place in everyone’s hearts for the Food Network. Celebrity chefs have been making delicious, easy-to-create cuisine for years designed just for their watchers. And while Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, may not be the most veteran chef on the network, there’s no doubt she has a strong following thanks to her food and stories of life with her kids and husband on the ranch.

It seems not everyone’s a fan of what Ree’s cooking. Some of her long-time viewers are slamming some of her recipes, and others seem to love what she used to cook up way more than what she’s sharing now.

Ree wasn’t always known for her cooking abilities

Ree Drummond (L) and Editor in Chief of Food Network Magazine Maile Carpenter
Ree Drummond (L) and Editor in Chief of Food Network Magazine Maile Carpenter | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Hearst

Food and Ree seem to naturally go together now, but it seems that wasn’t always the case for the Food Network superstar. PopSugar reminds us the “accidental country girl” first attained fame through a highly successful blog she started back in 2006. The blog (which is also called “The Pioneer Woman”) centers around her life as a mother of four and a wife to a cattle rancher in Oklahoma even though she always dreamed of living in the big city. Her candid accounts and funny stories are relatable and immediately brought viewers in.

She tried out food blogging after her blog gained some traction — though that’s when her fame seemed to really take off. As she told PopSugar, “I can confirm that ‘How to Cook a Steak‘ was my first cooking post ever. However, it didn’t really go viral — it just slowly brought in more readers over time!” She also added that her readers “enjoyed the step-by-step format, then started asking me to post more, and that’s how my food blog began.”

Her followers think her recipes are ‘lazy’ and unappetizing

There’s no doubt Ree still has a serious following — and she certainly wouldn’t have her Food Network show if she wasn’t a talented cook. Even so, that hasn’t stopped many on the internet from slamming her cuisine now. One follower on Reddit mentioned that Ree and her mother are from the same area of Oklahoma, and “it really grinds her gears that Ree is profiting off every old church cookbook ever printed.” Others seem to share the same sentiment about Ree taking recipes that aren’t hers, too. “I thought she stole most of her recipes from community cookbooks and church group cookbooks? It seems like half of what she cooks is what my grandmother and her friends used to cook,” another commented.

Another Reddit user even called her cooking “so lazy lately. Some of her latest: saltines baked in melted butter, peanut butter and jelly on English muffins, sliced apples on English muffins, iced coffee, caprese skewers, chicken breasts topped with pepperoni. Groundbreaking.” Many others agreed here, too.

Other fans of hers claim her food used to be better before her fame

Ree may not be reinventing the wheel with her cooking, but many of her fans still appreciate how the simplicity of her meals make them accessible to people from all walks of life. Not only that, but many others chimed in on Reddit to say they may not love her food now, but they did when she originally started blogging. As another commented, “She could be a little Paula Deen-ish with all the ‘use some extra butter/heavy cream/cheese’ tidbits but I made quite a few and they were always reeeally good.”

No matter how much online shade she may receive, her fans are quite happy she continues to share the experiences she’s had living in Oklahoma. And thanks to her Instagram, we now get more photos of her family than ever, too. If anything, Ree’s certainly authentic with how much she loves capturing sweet family moments.

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