Why Was Kim Kardashian Feuding with the Yeezy Mafia Account?

If you follow Yeezy related news, you probably know about the Yeezy Mafia. The Twitter account is among the most followed profiles for news on the sneaker brand, but they were recently called out by sneaker aficionados for incorrectly announcing that the ‘Bred’ Yeezy 350V2 would be returning to stores in the fall. In fact, Jon Wexler, the man who is credited with coaxing Kanye into a deal with Adidas, retweeted the story and captioned it “Fake News”.  While their incorrect ‘Bred’ news might be the most recent mistake by the social media account, it isn’t the first. In fact, Kim Kardashian once feuded with the account owner.

Who runs The Yeezy Mafia?

While the group prefers to remain anonymous, High Snobiety, caught up with the collective’s founder who prefers to go only by Yiannis. According to Yiannis, the group is comprised of about 50 different people from across the globe. They work together to predict everything from sneaker release dates to how many pairs will be released in each size. They have even managed to accurately compute which colorways are more likely to sell out and thus become more valuable.

The collective admits that they see themselves primarily as resellers who have put their skills to good use to get the most anticipated sneaker releases into their hands. They are sharing the wealth by offering their 510,000 followers release predictions. A lot of times they are right, sometimes they are wrong. The false predictions have garnered the wrath of Kim Kardashian in the past.

How did The Yeezy Mafia get in hot water with Kim Kardashian?

Back in March 2018, Kim took to Instagram to blast the collective for sharing false information. Not only did she call out the group for being completely wrong about anticipated colorways of one of the Yeezy releases, but she went on to let her fans know that the group was not affiliated with or employed by Yeezy. She ended her tweet by ominously suggesting she had made calls.

A month later, the mafia account lost it’s verified checkmark, then was suspended by Twitter. Apparently, the suspension was caused by copyright infringement. It seems the collective posted pictures of Kim wearing Yeezy apparel, and someone reported it. Fans assumed it was KKW getting back at the collective, but when they returned a few weeks later, they insisted Kardashian wasn’t behind the suspension, according to Hyper Beast.

While Kardashian has been quick to call out the collective in the past, it seems like she’s staying quiet this time around. Her Twitter feed hasn’t made a mention of the fake news or the collective. In fact, the busy mother of four seems to be spending all her tweeting time on her KKW beauty products.