Why Was Sharon Stone Blocked From Bumble?

Actress Sharon Stone was recently bounced from the online dating app Bumble after being accused of using a fake profile. Stone tweeted that her account was closed after users insisted she was operating under a false name.

“I went on the @bumble dating sight and they closed my account,” Stone shared early Monday morning. “Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me! Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary ? Don’t shut me out of the hive.” Stone shared a screenshot of the blocked message she received from Bumble too.

Sharon Stone is seen on stage during the GQ Men of the Year Award show
Sharon Stone is seen on stage during the GQ Men of the Year Award show| Isa Foltin/Getty Images for GQ Germany

Fans reacted with surprise, plus a few humorous remarks. One person wrote, “Sorry, we’ve fallen for the whole ‘Sharon Stone’ routine a million times… not gonna happen again.” Another person conjured her famous character from Basic Instinct. “Curious if you mentioned ice picks at all in your bio?”

This actress found using an online dating app to be clunky

While other stars haven’t reported being blocked for a fake account like Stone, some celebrities haven’t found success or love using an online dating app. Actress Charlize Theron tried Tinder but found using it to be awkward.

Comedian Chelsea Handler introduced Theron to Tinder and she explained her introduction to the app during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “She was on her phone and she showed it to me and she was explaining it to me in that Chelsea Handler way, which is just like, ‘Yeah, everybody’s doing this. What’s wrong with you? Where have you been, under a rock?’” Theron said, People recounts. “So then I took real interest, and I was like, okay, well tell me, how does it work? And she’s swiping all these faces of guys in all different sorts of — I’m going to sound like I’m 80. But they’re in all sorts of different variations of no clothes, and then they know that you’ve just said no, I don’t like you.” 

Upon closer inspection, Theron found the dating app to be awkward and odd to use. “And then you have to text them and then the flirting starts and it’s kind of awkward because you don’t know the person and they’re trying to be cute and they say weird things like, ‘What’s up, sexy?’ And it’s just awkward,” she complained. “This is why I’m still single. I just like a good old friend hooking you up, or, I don’t know, introducing you. I’m so old school.”

Others have mixed reviews about online dating

Actor Chace Crawford uses several monikers for online dating rather than just putting it out there with his actual name. He told Now magazine he has “a bunch of different accounts that no one even knows about,” People reports.

But actress Tiffany Haddish finds online dating to be creepy. “Online dating — man, I don’t like it, because I feel like that’s where I meet a lot of creeps,” she shared on The Tonight Show, according to People. “Dudes that have a really nice picture and you’re like, ‘Oh I can’t wait to meet him,’ and then you go to the Starbucks to meet him and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, he is a booger wolf …’ His breath smells like he’s been eating for eggs for days. His beard is ashy! He got an ashy beard.”