Why Wasn’t BTS at the M2 x Genie Music Awards?

While BTS continues to kill it across the globe, even garnering enough popularity in the United States to wind up on Saturday Night Live, it’s hard to imagine them receiving a wilder welcome than back home in South Korea. And now that the boys have finished their whirlwind world tour, that’s exactly where they’ve gone. 

However, to many fans’ disappointment, the Bangtan Boys weren’t present at the M2 x Genie Music Awards, despite winning a number of awards for the night. Some fans are wondering why they weren’t able to see their favorite superstars accept their rewards on stage, but BTS had a good reason for being elsewhere.

Absent from the M2 x Genie Awards

Park Ji-min and Jungkook of BTS
Park Ji-min and Jungkook of BTS | Debra L Rothenberg/FilmMagic

The M2 x Genie Awards are a major industry awards show held every year in South Korea. It’s organized by Genie Music alongside their partner network, Mnet’s digital network M2. BTS has been a consistent contender in the last year, and they won several prizes — and while fans weren’t surprised to see their boys taking home some big wins, they were sad when they realized BTS wouldn’t be coming on stage. 

BTS prepared a special video for the event, in which they thanked fans for their support. While it’s not the same as seeing the boys enjoy their victory on-stage with each other, there’s a good reason for their absence from the event — BTS is officially on a two-month break. 

It’s probably no stretch to say the Bangtan Boys are a little worn out after their wildly successful first world tour. The break has been planned for some time, and it gives the boys an opportunity to rest, refresh, and rejuvenate before they hit the stage again. Plus, their families are probably excited to see them too. 

However, this break does mean that fans might not get to see them at the 2019 MTA VMA awards this year, where they’ve been nominated for four awards. While they won’t be touring internationally again for a bit, BTS has managed to accomplish some pretty astounding feats during their meteoric rise to stardom. 

BTS upsets Taylor Swift on YouTube

BTS | Greg Gayne/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The M2 x Genie Awards might be a little more concrete, but BTS has managed to break a major YouTube record — a record previously held by none other than U.S. pop star Taylor Swift. 

In a wild upset, BTS was able to accrue an incredible amount of views on their music video for “Boy With Luv” in one 24-hour time period. A mere 24 hours after uploading their music video, BTS received a whopping 74.6 million views. The previous winner was Taylor Swift’s music video for “ME!” which accrued 65.2 million in 24 hours. 

Jimin crushes Spotify 

BTS | Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In case it wasn’t enough for BTS to crush it on YouTube, Jimin decided it was time to claim victory over Spotify as well. The young superstar has become the first-ever Korean artist to achieve over 50 million streams of three different songs. 

Priori to Jimin’s victory, Psy was the head of the pack, achieving over 50 million streams of both “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman.” In describing Jimin’s success, Billboard says he “took things to another level with his expressive delivery of the song’s dramatic choreography, telling a message as much with his body as his vocals.”