Why Wendy Williams’ Divorce Is the Best Thing for Her

Divorce is almost never easy. For talk show host Wendy Williams, things are about as messy as they can be. The 54-year-old Manhattan resident filed for divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter last month after it was revealed he allegedly fathered a child with another woman. This news came just weeks after Williams admitted she was staying in a sober house.

Since Williams filed for divorce, Hunter has responded asking for child support, alimony, and much more from his soon to be ex. But while things keep getting piled on the talk show host, most fans agree a divorce is the best thing for her. 

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

The divorce was a long time coming

It’s been a rough couple of years for the talk show host. Fans of The Wendy Williams Show have watched as the host struggled to cope with ongoing rumors about her husband’s fidelity. Fans were heartbroken, though by her side when she revealed that she was staying in a sober house. But fans had had enough when news broke that Hunter’s mistress had fathered a child with another woman.

Though it initially looked like Williams was going to stick with her husband again, fans were overjoyed to hear that Williams had filed for divorce. The talk show host has been relatively close-lipped about her ongoing divorce, but the brief mentions of the proceedings always get a roar of support from the audience. There’s no doubt that Wendy Williams has some of the most loyal fans out there.

She’s already dating

On her May 14th show, Williams opened up about the changes in her life. She’s now a single woman and enjoying every bit of it. She admits that it’s hard to just throw away 25 years, but she is actively dating. 

The talk show host glowed as she told her audience about her bachelorette pad, adding that she has already had numerous guests visit. Though she’s not currently seeing one person, she is having a fun time dating. On Monday’s show, she joked her bachelorette pad has “become the flophouse and the stomping ground,” she continued, “it might as well have a revolving door.”

She’s focusing on Wendy

Now that Williams is getting divorced and her son is off to college (although back on break), the talk show host finally has time to take care of herself. She told her audience that she plans on hanging out with friends and dating (a lot). 

Last week, Williams went out with Black Chyna and was invited to hang out with Tyler Perry the following night (though she had to decline). She also had a busy weekend where she had not one, but two dates on Saturday night. 

During a recent show, Williams broke down while discussing the night out she had with her new friend Angela White (Black Chyna) and a few friends. The talk show host brought along her son and told her audience they all had a really great time. But Williams began to cry as she recalled looking over at her son and realizing that he was happy to see his mom having fun.

Fans are noticing

It’s not hard to see there’s been a change in Williams. The talk show host seems to always be in a happy mood. She is obviously having a great time discussing her adventures as a newly single woman and is clearly excited for what’s to come.

Williams shared a picture on Instagram over the weekend, captioned simply with a crown. The feedback was tremendous. One fan wrote, “Get it Wendy !!!!!!!!! Single life I’m scared of you 😭😭😭,” while another added, “She’s never looked better! There’s something about her aura now! I’m happy Wendy’s happy! I absolutely loooove her and always rooting for her! 👑”