Why Were Fans Upset with Andy Cohen During Lisa Vanderpump’s Appearance on ‘WWHL?’

Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made a highly anticipated appearance on Watch What Happens Live last night. She addressed everything from “puppy gate” questions to the status of her current relationships with the cast.

The show only runs 30 minutes and it was clear host Andy Cohen could have interviewed Vanderpump for hours. Vanderpump looked smashing as usual in all black, wearing a hat that could have doubled for a crown. She answered every question and expressed her sadness over the fractured relationships amongst the women.

Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump |Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Cohen and Vanderpump seemed to enjoy seeing each other, but fans had a totally different reaction on social media. Why were they throwing shade at Cohen? And what did he do that really set them off?

Fans thought Cohen was being shady to Vanderpump

Cohen deployed his typical conversational interview style, asking Vanderpump questions about both RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules. But fans thought he was not being loyal to Vanderpump and siding with the other women.

Fans were pretty direct with their comments on Twitter. “I am disgusted,” one fan wrote on a tweet thread Cohen started. “BRAVO has ruined itself. Andy didn’t even try to act neutral. All throughout the episode Andy showed his true colors….fan of Vyle Kyle. Sad.” Another person added, “Sorry Andy taking RHBH off my DVR. Been there since the beginning. I can’t stand this season’s pile-up on lvp. Goodbye.”

Watch What Happens Live Instagram story

A few fans tweeted that Cohen deserves the “jackhole” award, which he awards to one sour apple in the news during each show. Several people wrote that they didn’t think Cohen likes Vanderpump and thought he was being cranky during the show.

This is how Cohen surprised Vanderpump

Cohen seemed simply delighted with a surprise he planned for Vanderpump. He revved the audience up toward the end of the show by making it seem as though he was going to introduce his son, Benjamin to Vanderpump.

Toward the last 30 seconds of the show, Cohen turns to the camera. “Since you are here tonight, we’re going to do something special,” he says. “There’s a very special little guy in my life. Lisa, you’ve been asking about him for months. While I’ve sent you photos, we’ve texted about him.” Cohen adds before he brings him out, it is way past his bedtime. Vanderpump looks on, appearing giddy.

Then Wacha, Cohen’s dog, appears! Tag wagging and thrilled to see Vanderpump, she appears to be in on the joke as she giggles and wags her finger at Cohen. Wacha can’t contain himself with joy either as the show ends. “That had to be my favorite last :30 of a show ever!” Cohen tweeted.

Why wasn’t this a ‘good surprise?’

Everyone knows that Vanderpump adores animals, so Cohen thought she’d love to see Wacha. During the WWHL After Show, he asked her. “Were you happy for that surprise,” Cohen askes. Vanderpump says she was but she really wants to meet the “little man.”

Fans were irritated that Cohen delivered his dog instead of his son to Vanderpump. “All I can say is wow! Andy is definitely one-sided, that would be Kyle’s side. What a cruel joke to do @LisaVanderpump. She needs to say ‘Bye Andy,'” one person wrote.

Cohen seemed flummoxed. “Yes it was very cruel and heartless to bring out my dog, who she loves and hasn’t been on my show in years, at the end of the episode. It was bullying,” he wrote. While Cohen should not be goaded into bringing his infant son on national television, some fans may have been irritated because Kyle Richards was the first Real Housewife to meet and hold Cohen’s son. They even took a stroll together in New York.

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