Why Were Jenelle Evans and David Eason Invited to Kaiser’s Birthday Party?

Jenelle Evans and David Eason were back in court last week to discuss where their children would live. While things apparently aren’t going there way in court, they did win one small victory; they were allowed to attend Kaiser’s fifth birthday party. The invitation allegedly came straight from Nathan Griffith. Griffith has had custody of the now five-year-old boy since he was removed from “the land” on May 10.

Why were David and Jenelle invited to the party?

It would seem like Evans and Eason’s presence at the party would have violated some court order, but apparently, everything was on the up and up. According to Starcasm, Griffith’s girlfriend floated the idea of inviting the couple to the party a few days before it all happened. Griffith took the idea to his lawyer, who okayed it with more legal representation and the courts.

The party appears to have been hosted by Griffith and his girlfriend in a backyard. Several children were present, as well as adults. The kids enjoyed pizza and a sheet cake and apparently had some fun in the pool before calling it a day. Griffith said the party was a simple one, but the kids had fun, and that was the entire point.

Fans are concerned about David being around Kaiser

Griffith and his mother have both had problems with Eason in the past. The mother and son have separately filed complaints with the state regarding Eason’s behavior around the 5-year-old. In fact, Griffith has accused Eason of abusing the boy, specifically hitting him with sticks and slapping him in the head.

Considering everything that is now known about Eason, fans were concerned to see him around children. Griffith clapped back on Twitter and informed fans that Eason behaved professionally and didn’t cause any trouble. He went on to let fans know he was comfortable with Eason being there because there were plenty of adults around. It seems the 30-year-old gun-totting father of three was being supervised just as much as the children.

Does Jenelle and David’s presence at the party mean anything for the court battle?

It’s unlikely that Griffith’s goodwill extends to the court system. While it was essential to have Kaiser’s mother at his big birthday bash, it likely won’t carry any weight in court. If anything, it shows that Griffith is willing to foster a relationship between mother and child, which only makes him look better. Griffith has been fighting for custody of the pre-k graduate for well over a year.


Additionally, it’s rumored that Evans and Eason have failed to comply with the orders laid down by a judge. An anonymous Twitter user has been leaking information about the court proceedings for weeks. According to Reddit users, the alleged inside source claims Evans and Eason have failed several drug tests, and have even missed supervised visitations. If that is true, the couple is unlikely to be getting the kids back any time soon. The source remains unnamed and hasn’t proven they have any actual insider knowledge.