Why Whoopi Goldberg Refused to Contribute to ‘The View’ Tell-All Book

There were a lot of behind-the-scenes situations of The View revealed in the tell-all book, Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View. Although there were many past and current cast members who were interviewed for it, Goldberg refused. Find out why she refused and what was said about her in the book.

Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View author claimed Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg feuded

Author Ramin Setoodeh claimed in an interview that there was drama between Rosie O’Donnell and Goldberg. Goldberg replaced O’Donnell as a moderator in 2017, but O’Donnell returned in 2014.

I don’t think [Goldberg] liked to be challenged,” said Setoodeh. “I think she had the most problems with Rosie O’Donnell because Rosie wanted to challenge her and wanted to change the show. Rosie felt like Whoopi was kind of checked out.”

The author claimed O’Donnell returned with new ideas and Goldberg felt like things were fine the way things were. O’Donnell was also was quoted about their feud in the book.

“Whoopi Goldberg was as mean as anyone has ever been on television to me… Worse than Fox,” the former cast member said. “Worse than Fox News. The worst experience I’ve ever had on live television was interacting with her … She’s a minority, feminist, smart, funny, groundbreaking legend who is black in America. I’m never going to not have respect for Whoopi Goldberg. But that was a painful experience, personally and professionally.”

Goldberg said she doesn’t think what happens at work is for everybody

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

When Goldberg appeared on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen pressed her on not being part of the book. She revealed that it goes against her perspective on work gossip.

What happens for me at work is not for everybody — it’s not their business,” Goldberg said. “I don’t like talking out of school and I don’t like other people talking out of school. So, for me, you just have to leave it there. That’s for me, I don’t know about anybody else.”

She also revealed that she didn’t read the book. When Cohen mentioned that O’Donnell had some “strong words” about her she replied, “That’s OK.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck refused to be interviewed for the book too

Goldberg isn’t the only one who opted out of contributing to the book. Hasselbeck also reportedly didn’t want to do it.

Setoodeh talked about this with Brian Stelter. “The two cohosts who never agreed to sit down with me — even though I’d interviewed them both before — were Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck…Read it and you’ll see why.”

O’Donnell also talked about Hasselbeck in the book. She said she had “a little bit of a crush” on Hasselbeck and wanted to mentor her. After that made headlines she clarified that the crush wasn’t sexual.

It sounds like The View fans won’t be getting any gossip from Goldberg. She doesn’t have any interest in sharing more about her time on the show.

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