Why Wyatt Russell Didn’t Call His Celebrity Parents Before Auditioning For Captain America

Wyatt Russell currently stars in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as John Walker, the new and worse version of Captain America. He may wield the shield and be a war hero, but Rogers’ righteousness and north-facing moral compass are utterly amiss. Yet, back in the day, Russell got a chance to audition to play Captain America — the character Chris Evans made famous. And, though many would assume he would have called his famous parents for advice — Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell — he decided to keep the opportunity to himself. 

Wyatt Russell at D23 Disney Convention
Wyatt Russell of ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ took part today in the Disney+ Showcase at Disney’s D23 EXPO | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

During an interview with Sam Jones of The Off Camera Show, Russell discussed the opportunity, explaining why he shied away from calling his parents; two primary reasons came to mind.

Wyatt Russell’s parents haven’t auditioned in ages… 

Russell explained to Jones that, as he got older he knew he could handle the difficult life that comes with acting — and being in the public eye. He observed the scrutiny that his parents had to and continue to undergo, which initially led to some hesitance. Yet, with age, came preparedness. He said, “I knew that I could deal with it my own way,” before explaining that one of his first auditions was for the MCU’s Steve Rogers. He shared, “I went and did an audition for Captain America. It was literally my first thing.”

Russell explained that he didn’t know what to do, wondering, “do I just read the lines,?” to which Jones asked if he called his parents for tips. Russell said:

“No, because they don’t F***ing know. They have no idea. They haven’t auditioned for anything in a hundred years… [he went on to mock the advice they would share] They’re going to send you a telegram, and everything is going to be recorded to a tape.”

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Russell went on to explain that, while he didn’t call his parents for humorous practical reasons, he also didn’t want anyone to interfere with his process. 

The ‘TFATWS’ actor talks about keeping his Captain America audition to himself 

The Marvel actor also noted:

“I didn’t have anybody to ask really. It was good. It was nice. I also didn’t want to involve other people’s opinions because they can get in your head and they can screw you up. I just figured, ‘I’ll just go do it, and I’ll fail on my own, and no one will ever know.'”

Russell explained, that though he didn’t get the Captain America role, the casting director liked him, which led to a role in Cowboys & Aliens, and then later he landed a stint in Law & Order, etc. Yet, after a few roles, he struggled to land a part for a bit. And, he almost left the world of acting behind before catching a break once more.