Why You Should Be Watching ‘The Crown’

The Crown is Netflix’s answer to the royal fix everyone can’t get enough of. The series follows Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II throughout her reign as queen. Matt Smith plays her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. The very eye-opening drama is spellbinding and it’s impossible to stop watching the pair’s on-screen chemistry come alive. If you aren’t watching The Crown, here’s why you should.

The royal family go through the same things we all do

Claire Foy and Matt Smith
Claire Foy and Matt Smith | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The series does an excellent job of bringing the queen down to our level and showing a real person under all the pomp and glamour that comes with being royal. Smith spoke with The Wrap about his role as Prince Philip and what it was like portraying him.

“Just because this family is royal doesn’t mean that they don’t go through the universal things we all do,” said Smith. “That’s where I think the show lives and dies, in that domesticity — yes, they are royal, but they do come in drunk and dive on the bed.”

Smith enjoyed portraying the prince for two seasons. “Often, the stuff that looks really ugly on the screen is the stuff that you’re enthralled by as an actor,” he explained. “It means you can sink your teeth into something. Sometimes the mundane can be the hardest to play.”

Claire Foy says the Queen is just like everyone else

Foy enjoyed her role as queen and had to really understand the woman she portrayed. Elizabeth is a very private woman, and that’s something Foy had to get across on camera. Foy explained to Vanity Fair what it was like to play the queen.

“I do think she’s like everybody else, but she’s not able to express emotions in the same ways as we do,” said Foy. “Her duty and her job means she’s not able to be open about her feelings in the way that we all can with our family and with our marriages. Her family was the most important thing to her, and all of a sudden she had to sacrifice them to her job. Once I understood this, she was no longer a disembodied figure and a real person that I could portray her truthfully on the screen.”

The series is a glimpse into royal life

Matt Smith and Claire Foy
Matt Smith and Claire Foy | Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

Foy explained to Town & Country how enthralling it was to play such a large part. It was important for her not to get intimidated by the aspects of her character or the size of the role. Foy prepared for her part and was very thorough in preparation for her time as queen. The series is a glimpse into royal life unlike anything audiences have ever seen before.

“I think it’s about having all the elements, but not getting overwhelmed by the size of the part: how much you have to change yourself, how much you have to alter,” Foy explained. “Because it was a big job. And some of the scenes were looming. In the beginning, you’d think, ‘Oh my god, we’re never going to get to a point where that makes sense.’ But then suddenly you’re doing it, and it does make perfect sense. It is that thing of not end-gaming, I suppose.”

The story continues with season 3 of ‘The Crown’

The story of Queen Elizabeth II isn’t over with the first two seasons. Season 3 comes to Netflix on November 17. Olivia Colman will star as the aging queen Elizabeth, along with a new cast of characters. Foy is handing over the royal reins to Colman in the continuation of the royal story. A teaser trailer has already been released showing Colman in all her glory. Fans can rest assured that the story isn’t over in the series. The Crown will be back with an additional fourth season. Catch up on The Crown on Netflix before season 3 premieres.