Will Alec Baldwin Stop Playing Donald Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live | NBC

Every generation seems to find one actor/comedian who does a definitive impersonation of a U.S. President. This didn’t really start in our pop culture history until the era of Nixon, then passed on down to Saturday Night Live. Through the latter, we’ve seen definitive impersonations of everyone from President Carter through Barack Obama.

While all those presidents had differing comedians impersonate them, SNL decided Alec Baldwin was the only one who should or could impersonate President Trump. Despite SNL’s Darrell Hammond once playing Citizen Trump years ago, will we see Baldwin play Trump indefinitely?

Some inside situations might give us clues to him wanting to bow out.

Alec Baldwin does a great impersonation of Donald Trump

Some might argue that Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation isn’t the best one ever done. You’ll find more than a few people who thought Anthony Atamanuik was the best President Trump impersonator in recent years with his Comedy Central satire The President Show.

Even Alec Baldwin might agree Atamanuik had every Trump mannerism down to a tee, including a perfect hairpiece more closely resembling The Donald’s real mane.

Baldwin’s impersonation is slightly more exaggerated, including a facial expression looking more like Winston Churchill’s than Trump. Also, the hair they use is stiffer, perhaps giving us a transparent look at the wig budget on SNL.

Baldwin likely wants to create a comedic legacy

We wrote recently about how Baldwin seems to have realized comedy is his main showbiz niche, something he likely wants to keep nurturing outside movies. Let’s remember Baldwin won an Emmy for playing Trump. It’s almost what he’s best known for recently, despite having a million irons in the showbiz fire.

No doubt he’s torn on whether he should continue impersonating Trump when so many people still find it funny. However, news has emerged showing Baldwin’s own kids are getting tired of their dad impersonating the president.

Baldwin also expressed disdain in doing the impression for more than personal reasons.

What do Baldwin’s kids think of their dad lampooning Trump?

Recently, Baldwin appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and admitted his kids are sick of seeing him impersonating Trump every Saturday night. One reason is Baldwin says he and his family do things together on Saturdays. His kids are just tired of him having to leave to go do the impersonation in every cold open.

Alec has four young children with his more recent wife, Hilaria. Their kids associate everything bad with Trump nowadays, including nose-picking as Baldwin hilariously noted in the DeGeneres interview.

We also know Baldwin said last year it was agony playing Trump because of what the president represents to him and the world.

So what happens if Baldwin grows tired of impersonating Trump when it’s almost too easy to satirize everything the president does?

The internal desire to satirize the president

It’s possible Baldwin will keep impersonating Trump anyway based on one strong force: President Trump himself criticizing the portrayal.

Even the cast of SNL finds when Trump criticizes their satiric portrayals, it fuels the fire to do more. Maybe Baldwin feels the same since he still knows how to tap hilariously into Trump’s personality, no matter if they don’t resemble one another completely.

Just giving the essence of a president or politician is usually better and more iconic. You can argue the same case when Dana Carvey impersonated the late George H.W. Bush in the 1980s/90s, despite not being Bush’s spitting image.

Darrell Hammond’s Trump impersonation was almost too slick, which makes it no surprise Trump liked Hammond’s impersonation better. Baldwin continuing to play Trump might become a public service.