Will All Of The Original Cast Members Return For The ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot?

After 15 years of going without one of the most beloved teen sitcoms, Lizzie McGuire, the Disney Channel favorite is officially getting a reboot.

The series is set to make its return exclusively on Disney+ and will star Hilary Duff as she reprises her role as Lizzie taking on adulthood in New York City.

Hilary Duff in The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Hilary Duff in The Lizzie McGuire Movie | Photo by Disney

While many of us can’t contain our excitement over this news, we can’t help but wonder what the reboot will have in store for us?

Though fans are anxiously waiting to see what Lizzie McGuire has been up to these past few years, will the rest of the OG cast members also make their return?

Hilary Duff is the only one on board for the reboot, so far

Getting a Lizzie McGuire reboot is definitely what dreams are made of.

After an emotional goodbye to everyone’s favorite Disney Channel sitcom of the early 2000s, the series is officially making its well-awaited comeback.

On August 23, Hilary Duff, who played the highly relatable teen from 2001-2004, announced this exciting news at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

The actress didn’t delve too much into details but did share her excitement over the reboot.

“I’m a fan and we’re such a part of each other… It makes a lot of sense and feels really right,” she told E! News during the Expo.

Duff also revealed that the show will pick up on Lizzie’s 30th birthday, explaining, “She was there for everyone in their pre-teens. She was their best friend, and I would love to try to embody that for her in her 30s and going through those challenges.” 

While Hilary Duff is thrilled to reprise her role in the cherished series’ reboot, it seems as though she is the only one who has signed on for the project so far.

It has yet to be confirmed whether or not Duff will be joined by Adam Lamberg (Gordo), Lalaine (Miranda), Jake Thomas (Matt), or Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine, who played Lizzie’s parents in the reboot but we have our fingers crossed that they all do.

It is also unclear if Ethan Craft (Clayton Snyder) or Kate Sanders (Ashlie Brillault) will also make a comeback, but it would be great if Lizzie just kept in touch with everyone from middle school over the years.

The show could have some amazing cameos

While the rest of the OG Lizzie McGuire cast members have yet to sign-on for this upcoming reboot, there are already fellow celebrities who would love to be part of the series.

Shortly after Hilary Duff announced that she would reprise her breakthrough role in the Lizzie McGuire reboot, singer and rapper Lizzo took to Twitter to asked if she can make a cameo once the show arrives on Disney’s exclusive streaming service.

After seeing a tweet from the Hollywood Reporter confirming this highly anticipated news, Lizzo responded by writing, “Lemme get a cameo,”

The following day, Hilary Duff responded to the Truth Hurts singer by writing, “Ummmmm duh! Hired! Animated Lizzie might explode! Saw you in Brooklyn [heart and firework emojis] DEAD.”

Though Disney+ has yet to respond to Lizzo’s request, there is a good chance we could see the hitmaker and Duff sharing the screen.

While on the D23 red carpet after making the big announcement, Hilary Duff told Entertainment Tonight that there is a good chance familiar faces will join the reboot. “The chances are high!” she said. “I can’t tell you too much, but I think that people are going to be very surprised and excited.”

It sounds like the Lizzie McGuire reboot has a lot in store for fans and though the show has yet to start filming, fans are already confident that it will not disappoint.