Will AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Return for Season 2?

In 1845, two Royal Navy ships, the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus, left England with the goal of locating the Northwest Passage. In the summer of that year, whalers in Baffin Bay, west of Greenland, spotted the ships. Then they disappeared.

The mystery of what really happened to the Franklin expedition was the inspiration for Dan Simmons book The Terror, which in turn was the basis for AMC’s 10-part adaptation, which aired in 2018. On the show, viewers watched as the group of more than 100 sailors found themselves trapped in the Arctic ice and forced to contend with isolation, dwindling food supplies, and a terrifying monster that periodically slaughters crew members.

The show earned strong reviews from critics, but it didn’t exactly lend itself to a second season. (It’s not a major spoiler to say that the real-life story of the Terror and the Erebus did not have a happy ending.) But AMC has announced that the show would be coming back for a second season. Here’s what we know so far about Season 2 of The Terror.

The second season of The Terror will be set during World War II

The second season of The Terror will tell an entirely new story. The 10-episode series will be set at a Japanese internment camp in Southern California, where the internees will be menaced by an “uncanny specter.”

Showrunner Alexander Woo says producers “hope to convey the abject terror of the historical experience in a way that feels modern and relevant to the present moment.”

“As a history-buff and genre geek (not to mention a conscious American today), it’s clear that truth is always scarier than fiction,” co-creator Max Borenstein said in a statement. “This season of The Terror uses as its setting one of the darkest, most horrific moments in our nation’s history. The Japanese-American internment is a blemish on the nation’s conscience — and one with dire resonance to current events.”

George Takei will be a regular on the show

Several cast members for Season 2 have been announced, including Star Trek’s George Takei. He’ll play Yamato-san, a former fishing captain and community elder. As a child during World War II, Takei was imprisoned in an internment camp, and he’ll also serve as a consultant to make sure the story is historically accurate, Deadline reported.

Derek Mio will star as Chester Nakayama, a young man who dreams of joining the U.S. Army. Like Takei, Mio also has a personal connection to the story. One of his grandfathers was sent to the Manzanar internment camp during WWII. The other served in the U.S. military as an interpreter and cultural liaison.

Kiki Sukezane plays Yuko, a mysterious woman from Chester’s past. Miki Ishikawa is Amy, a friend of Chester’s family, and Shingo Usami is Chester’s father Henry. Naoko Mori will play Chester’s mother. Christina Rodlo has also joined the cast.

The show is set to begin production in January 2019 in Vancouver. It will air sometime later this year on AMC.

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