Will Ariana Grande Return Her Engagement Ring to Pete Davidson?

Just as quickly as it began, the romance between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson has come to a screeching halt. The pair went public with their relationship in May 2018 and were engaged to be married just three weeks later. Though the songstress and comedian seemed head-over-heels for one another, many folks from the outside looking in were apprehensive about the rushed romance, especially because Grande had just ended a long-term relationship with late-rapper, Mac Miller.

Now, it looks like the young couple has realized that things were moving more quickly then they wanted them to. Now that she and Davidson have called it quits, will Grande return that stunning $100,000 engagement ring to the Saturday Night Live comedian?

Too much, too fast

Though Grande and Davidson are both adults and most people really do want the best for them, many of us were scratching our heads when they became engaged so quickly after getting into a relationship. Though quickie engagements and marriages certainly work every now and again, the pair seemed to be moving at a rapid pace before actually getting to know each other.

The duo had clearly been on cloud none for the past few months, however, looks like reality has slapped them both in the face, causing them to reassess their lives. A source close to the pair told People, “It was way too much too soon. It’s not shocking to anyone.”

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande | Ariana Grande via Instagram

A mutual decision

Grande has certainly had a horrible couple of months. In Sept. 2018, she was asked to sing at the funeral for the late legendary Aretha Franklin. Unfortunately after her performance, she was inappropriately touched by Bishop Charles H. Ellis III as he addressed the funeral audience. Though the songstress herself never spoke about the incident, Davidson had some pretty gross comments about it and the way that former President Bill Clinton seemed to be eyeing his then-fiancee at the funeral.

Davidson told Howard Stern he was “proud” that Clinton was checking out Grande and that he “felt bad” for the backlash Bishop Ellis received for groping her. Gross. The couple’s world was upended again shortly after that when Grande’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller passed away after an apparent drug overdose. Trolls on Twitter tried to blame Grande for Miller’s drug use and death. For her part, Grande decided that enough was enough. She told her fans that she would be taking a break from all media and appearances stating that she was tired and wanted to have “just one OK day.”

It seems like during this break she and Davidson decided that their relationship was something else that needed to be addressed.

Who gets the ring?

Now that the couple has officially called it quits, we’re all wondering what will happen with Grande’s stunning pear-shaped 3.03-carat diamond platinum engagement ring. While the pair stated that the breakup is mutual we’re going to take a wild guess and assume that it was mostly coming from Grande. After all, Davidson never thought he was good enough for the pop star anyway.

In a comedy sketch for SNL, he stated, “No one could believe it, and I can’t believe it. And I get it. She’s the No. 1 pop star in the world, and I’m that guy from SNL that everyone thinks is in desperate need of more blood. You know when that whole city pretended that kid was Batman because he was sick? That’s what this feels like.”

If Grande was really the one to pull the plug on the relationship, we’re certain that she would return the ring to Davidson. After all, she’s worth a whopping $45 million while the comedian/actor has a net worth of about $500,000. Getting the ring to begin with certainly put a dent in his budget.

Now that the pair has called things off, we hope they take the time to figure out what makes them happy as individuals.

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