Will Baby Sussex Attend the Same School as Prince George or Princess Charlotte?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting closer and closer to the arrival of their first child. And with a new baby comes a lot of decision making. It seems that Harry and Meghan will choose to raise their children a bit differently than Prince William and Kate Middleton are. But will Harry and Meghan send their baby to the same school as his or her cousins?

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will welcome their first child in the next few weeks. | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend different schools

George and Charlotte are less than three years apart, but at their current age, they’re unable to attend the same school. George attends Thomas’ Battersea School in London, while Charlotte is enrolled at Willcocks Nursery School in London. George’s school doesn’t accept children under four years old, so right now, he and Charlotte are in two separate places. However, royal experts suspect that Charlotte will join her big brother at Thomas’ Battersea when she’s old enough. Those with knowledge of the family also expect Prince Louis to attend Willcocks when he’s two and a half, which is when royals start school.

Harry and Meghan have made it known that they want to drive their children to and from school each day

Harry and Meghan want to raise their children a bit differently than Will and Kate. They want to be very hands-on parents and not hire any nannies, and that includes driving their kids to and from school each day. Although the couple hasn’t even welcomed their first child yet, school is probably already one their minds, as it’s one of the most important decisions royal parents will make.

Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child.

Based on location, the couple probably won’t send Baby Sussex to the same school as George or Charlotte

If Harry and Meghan do insist on driving their kids to school, they will likely want them to attend a school that’s fairly close to home. The couple recently settled into Frogmore Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle, which is about 20 minutes away from Will and Kate, who are in London. With that said, there’s a good chance Baby Sussex will not attend the same school as his or her cousins, since it would mean a lot of driving time for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. However, Harry and Meghan also want the best for their baby, so if the best schools are in London, they may be willing to make the trip — especially since their offices are based out of Buckingham Palace, which is also in London.

It’s possible the kids will end up at the same school when they get older

Right now, it’s too early to tell where any of the royal children will be by the time they head off to college. It’s possible that through the years, their parents may enroll them at the same school, or they might even request to all attend the same school. Having siblings or cousins in school can make things easier throughout the day, and since the royals live such pressing lives, it may be in the kids’ best interest to all be in the same place. Time will tell what Meghan, Harry, Will, and Kate decide to do.

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