Will Baby Sussex Change the Way Everyone Sees Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby will be due very soon and everyone is excitedly speculating on how their lives will change now that they are both becoming parents for the first time. Moreover, royal watchers are also curious about whether anything will change for Meghan’s image in the media.

Ever since her relationship with Harry became public, Meghan has dealt with a slew of negative reports that depict her as a gold-digger, an attention seeker, a rich show-off, an unlikable boss, and more. However, can motherhood give her a more positive reputation and change the way the media report on her?

What will Meghan Markle’s parenting style look like?

A huge part of how everyone sees Meghan as a mother will be based on how she and Harry raise their child, and whether or not their parenting style aligns with what the public believes to be right.

Right now, it already seems fairly obvious that Meghan and Harry will ditch several outdated royal traditions and become more modern parents. They only have plans to hire one nanny (unlike past royals who employed a full staff) and will likely make sure that Baby Sussex grows up being close to his/her parents as well as other family members like Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland.

The Duchess of Sussex has also said that she hopes to raise her child as a feminist regardless of gender. She and Harry have both been vocal supporters of causes that empower women, so there’s no doubt that Baby Sussex will be influenced to do the same.

Will being a mom change Meghan Markle’s image?

According to Coryne Hall, a royal history expert, the baby will help reduce the amount of negative press that Meghan gets — at least in the beginning. Since she is a new mother, the tabloids will probably keep the Meghan-bashing at bay and focus more on talking about the baby itself.

“They build someone up and put them on a pedestal, and when they can’t find anything more to say, they start knocking them down,” Hall said. “Once the baby is born, the coverage of Meghan will go the other way again. She won’t do any wrong.”

As Baby Sussex grows up, it’s very possible that Meghan will get positive attention for her parenting. The public currently views some parts of the royal family as being too stuffy and not fit for the 21st century, so Meghan will surely get praises for bringing in some much-needed changes for the next generation of royal kids.

How do people view Kate Middleton as a mother?

Although Kate Middleton got less negative press when she married Prince William, she still got a lot of criticisms for her lack of work ethics. She barely had a full-time job before joining the royal family at the age of 29, and even after becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, many people were disappointed that she was not taking on as much work as she was supposed to.

However, being a mother seems to suit Kate quite well as she has received positive reports on her parenting skills ever since her oldest child, Prince George, was born in 2013.

She takes the job very seriously and, although the family has one nanny, she makes sure to be very involved in her three kids’ lives. When her children act up in public, the duchess is not afraid to be stern with them like a responsible parent. Additionally, Kate has also been very open about some of her struggles in trying to navigate motherhood when she was first starting out. Her relatability as a mother has no doubt garnered praises from royal watchers and allows her public image to shine even more.