Will Baby Sussex Help Meghan Markle and Her Father Finally Get Along?

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle does not have the best relationship with some of her family members. Ever since she was announced as Prince Harry’s future wife in 2017, numerous relatives have surfaced to either defame her or get their 15 seconds of fame.

Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, has been one of these untrustworthy family members. It seems that the Duchess of Sussex does want to get along with her father, though it has not been easy for her to do so.

However, since having a baby can change dynamics within a family, is it possible that Baby Sussex can help repair the relationship between Meghan and her father? Here’s what we know.

Meghan Markle and her father have a rocky relationship

Meghan used to have a great relationship with her father when she was younger. Even though Thomas and Meghan’s mother divorced when she was six, Meghan used to visit him after school on the set of Married…With Children where he worked as a photography and lighting director there. The Suits actress credited these experiences as helping shape her career goals growing up. Thomas even reportedly helped her deal with her biracial identity as a child and sent her to a private school with his lottery money.

However, when Meghan became an adult, she and her father fell out with each other. And the reason for this is still largely unknown.

Before Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding, Thomas made their father/daughter relationship even worse. He hired paparazzi to take staged photos of him for newspapers and revealed that he suffered a heart attack. He ended up not being invited to the royal wedding.

After the wedding, all eyes were on him again when he published a private letter Meghan had written to him. In the letter, she pleaded for him to stop causing her so much pain and said that she was willing to work with him to get their relationship back on track. However, since he broke her trust by sharing the letter with the press, it remains to be seen what will happen to their relationship.

Thomas Markle has been quiet these days

It has been two months since Thomas published the letter and he has not spoken about Meghan in a while. This causes some people to believe that he is getting serious about being a good father to Meghan again and that Meghan perhaps is also making an effort on her end.

Royal commentator Neil Sean said: “I already feel, genuinely, there’s been some moves already because you will note that Thomas Markle is being very, very quiet of late. So I believe some people from the Palace have gone over there to smooth something out.”

Will Baby Sussex help Meghan Markle and her father get along?

If things are going as well as they seem, then we have reasons to believe that Baby Sussex could be a good catalyst to help Meghan and her father bond again.

However, Thomas will not be near Meghan when she gives birth and it’s possible he will only be contacted afterward. A friend shared that he will simply follow the coverage on TV just like everyone else, though he is looking forward to being a part of Baby Sussex’s life.

“He is genuinely thrilled that his daughter is expecting her first child later this month,” the friend said. “He’s been looking around baby stores for an appropriate gift to send… The distance in miles and emotions between him and Meghan hasn’t stopped him feeling proud for her and his new grandchild.”

On the other hand, some royal followers believe that Baby Sussex could end up making Meghan pull away even more. Being a mother is a demanding job and it is likely that she might choose to focus her energy taking care of her child instead of trying to talk to someone who has broken her trust.