Will Baby Sussex Look More Like Prince Harry or Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should be welcoming their first child in just over one month. And the public can’t help but ponder over every possible detail, since Meghan and Harry have hardly given any details away about the new baby. The couple’s features, from their complexions to their hair color, are very different. Which parent will Baby Sussex look more like?

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

Meghan and Harry are expecting their first child in April

Meghan and Harry announced back in October 2018 that they’d be welcoming their first child in spring 2019. Since then, Meghan has let it slip that the baby’s due date is sometime in late April. However, that’s pretty much the only detail the royal couple has unveiled about their baby. The two haven’t announced the gender and continue to claim they don’t know what they’re having (most royals keep it a surprise until the birth). As a result, the two haven’t said what they plan to name the child. The public has tried to decode every possible detail about Baby Sussex, but nothing will be revealed until the baby is born.  

Meghan has dark hair and eyes, and Harry’s red hair isn’t very common

When it comes to appearance, Meghan and Harry have two very different looks. Meghan has a dark complexion with dark hair and dark eyes. Plus, she has plenty of freckles on her face. Harry, on the other hand, has a light complexion, light blue eyes, and fiery red hair, which makes the couple’s appearances almost as different as possible. Meghan is biracial, and her dark hair and dark eyes resemble her mother more than her father. Harry’s mother was blonde and Charles is brunette, but Harry turned out to have red hair.

In relation to biology and the gene pool, Baby Sussex will probably look more like Meghan

When it comes to the likelihood of Baby Sussex having dark brown hair versus red hair, the brown hair will probably win out. Dark hair generally tends to run more dominantly, so it’s unlikely that the baby will follow in Harry’s red-headed footsteps. The same can be said for eye color. Darker eyes are typically more dominant than light, so the baby will most likely have both dark hair and dark eyes. (However, extensive gene patterns would need to be assessed in order to definitively tell.) Meghan is half black and half white, and Harry is white, so the baby will be one quarter black; his or her skin tone will probably be darker than Harry’s. And based on the general science behind dominant versus recessive genes, the baby will probably resemble Meghan more than Harry.

With two parents like Meghan and Harry, the baby will undoubtedly be adorable

Regardless of which parent Baby Sussex resembles more, one thing is pretty clear: This baby will be adorable. Meghan has arguably perfect features (has anyone ever seen a bad photo of her?), and Harry has a gentle-yet-masculine appearance that makes anyone swoon. Meghan’s freckles only add to her looks, while Harry’s light eyes are something everyone can obsess over. This couple may not have much in common appearance-wise, but they do seem to pair perfectly — and their baby will undoubtedly be the cutest.

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