Will Blake Griffin Star in Space Jam 2?

Besides LeBron James, no NBA player is better equipped to appear in Space Jam 2 than Blake Griffin. While he may not be the draw he was in his younger days, Griffin has connected with the franchise since he came into the NBA. As such, it would be a no-brainer to include him in the secondary cast. Could the NBA player and aspiring comedian soon get his chance to take the court with the Looney Tunes? 

Blake Griffin smiling wearing a blue shirt standing on a basketball court
Blake Griffin | Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Blake Griffin’s basketball career

Griffin spent a year in Oklahoma for his college career. During that year, he took the nation by storm and became the consensus number one pick of a 2009 NBA Draft class that also featured James Harden and Steph Curry. As Griffin grew as a player with the Los Angeles Clippers, so did his celebrity. By year two, he had a superstar point guard in Chris Paul and was suddenly a secondary player on a contender. 

Griffin and DeAndre Jordan’s Superman-like leaping ability helped give birth to Lob City. While Lob City never reached the ultimate goal of an NBA Championship, they were the league’s hottest up-and-coming team until the Golden State Warriors’ sudden rise to glory. The team was both loved and reviled thanks to its excitement and the personalities of everyone involved.

In recent years, Griffin’s star has faded. While he is still an All-Star talent fully healthy, injuries have taken their toll. Now a member of the Detroit Pistons, Griffin is in a smaller market playing in a smaller spotlight. At the same time, however, he has lined himself up a career in entertainment that could help ease him into his inevitable retirement — whenever that may come. 

Blake Griffin the entertainer 

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Griffin was a staple of commercials and television appearances during his early years in the league. He has a natural charm and charisma that few players can boast. Whether he appeared on a comedy program or making skits on the ESPYs, it was clear that the NBA had a new marketable face and personality on their hands. 

As that star faded, Griffin found a new hobby that could bring him back into the spotlight. He developed an interest in comedy and began to dabble in stand up. In 2016, the forward made an appearance at the Just For Laughs festival, where he gave a ten-minute set while hosting other comedians. Comedy was a passion for Griffin, who has claimed that he’d like to pursue it full-time after he’s done with basketball.

Natural for any NBA player who also dabbles in entertainment, Griffin has an affinity for Space Jam. A role in the upcoming sequel would be a natural progression for the NBA All-Star. 

Does Blake Griffin appear in Space Jam 2?

Blake Griffin has several connections to the Space Jam franchise. He appeared in a Space Jam themed ad alongside several other NBA players in 2017. On top of that, he participated in a table read of the film in 2014. Griffin even got Michael Jordan’s seal of approval as his heir apparent for Space Jam. When asked about the film, Jordan said he would choose Blake Griffin to replace him, according to Vanity Fair.

Now, the film is a reality. LeBron James, who was always the natural choice for the new lead, is taking over the leading role while also producing the film. He will be joined by a cast of NBA and WNBA stars, including Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, Diana Taurasi, and several others. Griffin, however, will not be involved.

Whether he was shunned or declined, nobody knows for sure. Griffin has an interest in the franchise, but he is no longer the draw he would have been years ago. With a newfound passion for comedy, however, Griffin might find himself involved in other projects that may fill the void that Space Jam leaves.