Will Captain America Ever Appear in Another Marvel Movie?

You’ve just run across another article discussing the fate of a main character in Avengers: Endgame, so if you still haven’t seen the film, don’t go beyond this sentence. Now that we’ve cleared this air again, we want to talk a little more about the fate of Captain America in Endgame and what it means for the future of this iconic superhero.

At stake here is whether Chris Evans will ever want to revisit the role without fear of typecasting. Also at issue is whether Marvel would ever want to hire another actor to portray Captain America after he alters his existence during the Endgame finale.

Thanks to Captain America’s time-travel prowess, let’s look at the possibilities of him returning in some different form.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans plays Captain America | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The fear of typecasting is no doubt real

Chris Evans has said he’s intending to move on from Captain America, and anybody familiar with how dangerous typecasting is will know why. Many actors who’ve portrayed an iconic character on the big screen for a while faced the same circumstances. Christopher Reeve was basically typecast as Superman, despite trying to diversify his talents in other movies years afterward.

Robert Downey, Jr. may face the same problem to a younger generation who only know him as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Then again, he has enough money to not worry about what films he does ever again.

For Evans, he no doubt wants to further prove himself as a diverse actor. Many of his upcoming movie projects are straight-ahead dramas, despite having a cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home (presumably as the old man Steve Rogers became).

Since we know Rogers used time travel in Endgame to create an alternate reality for himself, what does it spell out for his existence in presumed future projects?

Marvel may let time pass before reviving Captain America

Many fans are still baffled over the time travel plot entanglements Endgame created for Steve Rogers/Captain America. Trying to figure out whether he created a parallel reality or simply started a dual existence for himself in the present day is still up in the air.

As a result, no one really knows how the good Captain will ever be able to come back in the MCU. Perhaps Marvel wants to let the time travel confusion of Endgame settle for a few years so people either forget the details or can finally put it all together in their heads on what really happened.

Also, let’s not assume Evans will want to completely shun playing Rogers/Cap again someday, unless he realizes it hurt his chances to advance as an actor. Joe Russo even said recently that Evans has emotionally moved on, at least “for now.”

Of course, the idea of a new actor might be balked at someday based on past track record.

Could a new (younger) actor take over the role of Captain America?

Hollywood once tried to popularize Captain America in movies and TV in past decades, though it never quite worked out. One reason is the actors they hired arguably didn’t have the charisma to make the character popular.

Evans managed to have all the elements missing in prior incarnations, including living during the CGI era. Because of this, it would likely be almost impossible to find another actor anytime soon that could also portray Captain America so convincingly. Yes, this even means hiring a popular teen actor to play a younger version of this superhero as Marvel has with Spider-Man.

The best thing to happen is a rumored Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter TV show someday, including the current actors in their original roles. With Disney Plus starting in November, it makes us wonder if they’ll eventually cajole Evans and Hayley Atwell to do such a series eventually.

Or, it may mean them guest-starring in the upcoming Marvel animated series What If?, giving alternate timeline scenarios, such as those involving Rogers and Carter.

“What if” is likely Marvel’s new and emerging tagline.