Will Carrie Underwood’s Son Grow Up to Be a Singer?

Carrie Underwood is wrapping up a months-long tour for her album Cry Pretty. 

Getting a break from the constant travel and high-pressure performances must be a relief for many. But there’s at least one person who is going to be disappointed when all the hustle and bustle comes to an end: Underwood’s son, Isaiah. 

Carrie Underwood performing onstage
Carrie Underwood | Mark Levine/ABC via Getty Images

Underwood takes her children on tour with her

This is not Isaiah’s first time touring around the country as part of the musical industry.

Back in 2016, Underwood went on The Storyteller Tour. It lasted almost the entire year, stretching from January to November and included an impressive 92 performances that spanned the United States, Europe, and Canada. Isaiah, who was under a year old when the tour began, accompanied Underwood through this whirlwind of a journey. 

He likely remembers it a lot more this time around as Underwood once again took Isaiah on tour for Cry Pretty. He’s now joined by little brother Jacob, who was born earlier this year. Underwood is thrilled that she gets to travel with her family, which includes husband and former NFL star Mike Fisher. 

Underwood remarked about how great it is to have her family with her while she follows her passion and talents: “It’s great that I have the kind of job where I can bring my kids with me.”

Has life in the music business given Isaiah career ideas?

Recently, Underwood did an interview with Jenny McCarthy for SiriusXM. In it, McCarthy asked Underwood questions about Isaiah’s reaction to being on tour. Underwood revealed that Isaiah loves being out on the road and is drawn to all the people he gets to see and know. He is also a big fan of getting to see the other performers, especially Madison Marlow (better known as Maddie from the group Maddie and Tae), who is also performing on the tour. 

McCarthy asked about Isaiah’s own relationship to music, and Underwood revealed that he is very into singing and songs, but he has his own preferences—mostly movie soundtracks. Like many moms, Underwood admits that she’s a little tired of her limited musical selection and tells a little fib when she gets a chance to have some control over the musical selections, telling her son that his songs don’t work in other people’s cars. 

McCarthy also asked whether Isaiah seems poised for a career in music himself. 

Musical families are common

While it may seem silly to ask what someone so young is going to be when they grow up, Isaiah wouldn’t be alone in following in his musical mom’s footsteps.

There are many famous singing families where the legacy of song gets passed down from generation to generation. June Carter was a fourth generation singer. Woody Guthrie began the singing tradition and passed it on to his son Arlo, whose own children Abe, Sarah Lee, and Cathy are now all singers. The Marley family is full of singers and keeps creating new ones. The list goes on and on. 

Whether Isaiah is going to follow along in this tradition and keep his family’s legacy of song alive is yet to be seen, and Underwood says that it’s too early to tell. While he loves the tour life and is enamored with the many talented musicians he gets to know and love, he’s still very young and just enjoying his time being a kid — granted, a kid with a glamorous and exciting life.

After all, it’s not just Underwood’s musical legacy that runs in his blood. He is also the product of a talented athlete who has his own traditions and talents to pass along.

Whether Isaiah will follow in the footsteps of his mother or father or march to the beat of his own drum is yet to be determined.