Will Cheryl Burke Continue to Appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ After Ray Lewis Quit?

This season of Dancing with the Stars is full of twists and turns. That’s because multiple celebrities got injured at the beginning of the season.

The latest one is Ray Lewis who was dancing with Cheryl Burke. Will she continue to appear on the show? Here is everything you need to know.

‘Dancing with the Stars’ had a surprising casting change

The new season had a rocky start. That’s because there was a surprising casting change.

Christie Brinkley was cast to compete, but she was replaced by her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook. That’s because Brinkley broke multiple bones in her arm and dislocated her wrist. She needed surgery to fix the injury.

Brinkley-Cook talked about not wanting to replace her mother at first. “I was terrified,” she told People. “It was a very scary thing for me. The whole idea of having to be live on stage, be on TV dancing, that’s something I’ve never done before.”

This was after the show made the controversial decision to cast Sean Spicer who previously was the White House Press Secretary. Now the show is continuing to make casting changes because of injuries.

Ray Lewis quit after getting injured

Former NFL Player Ray Lewis (L) and Cheryl Burke
Former NFL Player Ray Lewis (L) and Cheryl Burke | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Former football player Ray Lewis was one of the many celebrities competing in season 28. His partner was Cheryl Burke who previously won twice.

Lewis’ chance to win was shot with him announcing that a former torn tendon injury has returned. “All this dancing, all of this on my toes, I’m reliving a problem that I never thought I had to relive again,” he explained.

“This is probably one of the hardest decisions of my life,” the athlete claimed. “But right now, I gotta make sure that I don’t damage something enough to where I can’t walk.”

Cheryl Burke said she wants to mentor the couples

Burke made an Instagram post with her statement about Lewis quitting. She applauded his effort.

“Being an athlete means pushing yourself past your limits, but also knowing when to take care of your body,” she wrote. “Unfortunately, due to injuries he sustained to his foot, our journey to the mirror ball ends tonight. Ray, I wish you a safe and speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you do the squirrel dance again very soon.”

A decision hasn’t been made on what will happen with Burke this season. She did reveal what she would like to do.

“I don’t think anything is planned yet. I’d actually love to be a mentor to these couples,” Burke told Us Weekly. “We all need guidance, we all need a third eye.”

She continued, “What we did for Juniors in a way, I’d be there for anyone who wants help or anyone who wants someone to watch their dance and give an opinion. I’d [also] like to help out with the music department a little bit.”

The professional dancer is open to working on the show in a different position and starting a family with her husband, Matthew Lawrence. “I’d like to maybe be a judge. I could be pregnant and judge,” she said. “I just can’t be pregnant and dancing!”