Will Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord Play a Major Role in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’?

The news is out, and multiple reports have indicated that Chris Pratt’s lovable, and often quite foolheartedly ambitious and brave, Star-Lord will rear his head in Thor: Love and Thunder. Chris Pratt Star-Lord and Chris Hemsworth Thor work well together on-screen; their relationship — often fueled by both parties equally vying for top-dog — was one of the most talked-about dynamics following Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The film, equal parts heart, humor, and action, largely fulfilled the comedic criterion via their endless bickering. 

Chris Pratt Star-Lord
Chris Pratt | Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Seeing Chris Pratt in the upcoming Thor installments has many fans hyped, as it should. According to We Got This Covered, citing 4Chan, Chris Pratt will join the Asgardian for what will most likely be his final outing (before he passes the hammer to Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor). Peter Dinklage is also set to return as Eitri, and Waititi is rumored to be eyeing Ryan Gosling and Finn Wolfhard for roles in the film. 

While Chris Pratt is set to appear, how large will his role be? Are we talking a two-minute cameo or a full-on, narratively impactful and future-shaping presence? Let’s dig to the bottom of the leak, and figure out what’s in store.

What we know about Chris Pratt’s appearance in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

We Got This Covered, pulling from 4chan (an often reliable outlet, yet releasing information that must be taken with a grain of salt), quoted the following: 

Thor: Love And Thunder takes place 95% in space. Peter Dinklage returns as Eitri. Chris Pratt has a small appearance as Quill. Taika Waititi wants Ryan Gosling and Finn Wolfhard for roles in the film.

If Thor: Love and Thunder does, in fact, occur mostly in space, Quill’s appearance seems mandatory, as fans would hope the two would somehow clash (no matter how vast space actually is). However, unfortunately, leaked information suggests that Star-Lord’s appearance will brief, likely offering up a bit of comic relief, spilling some necessary information, or taking part in a punch or two, before going on his merry way. 

While Peter Quill’s appearance may be brief, this should not be seen as a reason to fret. If we know anything about Marvel Studios and the MCU, those working behind the scenes do not like to disappoint fans. Thus, Quill’s appearance may be brief, but vital to the movie’s overall narrative, or the future of the cinematic universe. 

While brief usually implies inconsequential, let’s hope the MCU defies this standard, as they have defied others in the past. Doing away with this cinematic orthodoxy could allow Quill to appear for a moment, yet catalyze the trajectory for the next few phase 4 films, which would feel undeniably inspired (just look what they managed to do with a rat in Endgame)

Not to mention, relying on this leak may steer you in the wrong direction. Considering Thor: Love and Thunder is still very far out from its premiere date, it’s quite possible that those behind the movie may choose to give Pratt’s Quill a larger presence in the film as production continues.