Will ‘Counting On’ Ever Feature Josh Duggar?

We remember when TLC first featured the gigantic Duggar family through 17 Kids and Counting — and over the years, we watched Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar try to expand on their family even more. Eventually, the couple had their show renamed to 19 Kids and Counting, though it didn’t last for long. Josh Duggar’s scandals caused huge issues for his siblings and parents and eventually caused the show’s cancellation. And though the family has since made a massive recovery and now has a newer show featuring the Duggar kids, fans are wondering if Josh is ever going to be able to recover his reputation enough to make appearances on Counting On

So, will the show ever bring Josh back into the spotlight? Here’s what fans expect.

Josh was yanked from the spotlight after sexual assault allegations came to the forefront

The scandal surrounding Josh Duggar was catastrophic for the entire family. In Touch Weekly reports Josh confessed to sexually molesting a number of female minors when he was a teen, some of whom were his sisters, back in 2015. The publication also reports Jim Bob, the house patriarch, knew about the assaults and waited to contact the police with information for months. Not only that, but while this scandal was underway and 19 Kids and Counting was losing its spot on TLC, a hack on the affair website Ashley Madison found Josh had an account with the website and used it to be unfaithful to his wife, Anna. He later confessed to cheating on Anna, too, and reportedly sought treatment for sex and pornography addiction.

Fans of the Duggars will never forget the controversy that surrounded Josh. And even though they’ve tried to erase the past by focusing on the 18 other Duggar kids with Counting On, fans of the show are still wondering if the network will ever allow the disgraced family member back on to the program.

Jim Bob allegedly tried to convince TLC to let Josh on to Counting On

Do the rest of the Duggars want Josh back on the show? In Touch Weekly reports Counting On was suffering from poor ratings, and for that reason, Jim Bob Duggar wanted Josh back in the spotlight. As one source explains to the publication, “He spent a month trying to convince TLC that Josh should be back on the show. They finally caved and agreed to let him film an upcoming Counting On webisode where he’ll talk about his joy at learning he’s going to be a father again.” The source continued that if the public had a positive reaction to the webisode, it was likely that Josh would appear with his wife and family on the next season of Counting On.

In Touch Weekly notes Josh and Anna’s growing family was having difficulties making enough money, too, which could easily lead Josh back into the realm of reality TV. We’ll have to wait and see if he makes any upcoming appearances.

He’s starting to appear more and more on his family’s social media

Fans are expecting Josh to make appearances on Counting On in the future judging from his current social media activity. Recently, Josh and Anna posted about celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary. And after that, Josh was seen in his family’s photos when they had an ugly sweater Christmas party. Could the family be testing the waters with these posts and bring him back into the spotlight even more in the future? Fans are beginning to think so, and some definitely want to see Josh and Anna on TV.

On an Instagram post from Anna of Josh and their kids, one fan noted, “I so wish that Counting On would have you guys on more, the whole family, and Jill and Derick. I miss seeing ALL of the Duggar family! I find it so sad they won’t even show you all at big events like weddings and births.” And another user wrote, “miss you and your children. show is not the same without you in it.”

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