Will Disney+’s ‘WandaVision’ Explain How Paul Bettany’s Character Survived?

The concept behind Disney+’s upcoming WandaVision is shaping up to be wilder than anyone thought it would be. While details are still scant about what the show will really be about, it’s already been revealed it’ll have an experimental structure unlike anything Marvel has tried to date.

Part of that will be in examining the magic behind Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and how she chooses to use it as a form of…well, possible therapy. Considering she loses her significant other, Vision (Paul Bettany), during the events of Infinity War, she realizes she’s lost the love of her life. Even though he’s somewhat of a cyborg, he’s billed as a true living being.

Considering Vision is back in WandaVision, the explanations for how his character survives are more than a little intriguing on how her magic might be used.

‘WandaVision’ is definitely going to weird and possibly fantastic places

WandaVision cast
WandaVision cast | The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA via Getty Images

Kevin Feige has noted WandaVision is going to explore a lot of things Marvel has never tried, notably in how someone as powerful as Wanda Maximoff might choose to use her powers.

After all, she has every power from telekinesis to the ability to read minds. She can also manipulate reality, meaning she could essentially create her own existence if she so chooses.

While always said to be witchcraft, one can maybe assume she’s blessed with some benevolent abilities to build better realities. Since the new show is set in the 1950s and within a ’50s-era sitcom environment (oddly), many analysts are assuming Wanda created her own little world where she could reside with Vision forever.

Why she’d choose a 1950s-like sitcom world is unknown, despite being a world about as far removed from the Marvel universe as possible. Perhaps this is what she wants to shut out the horrific events she had to witness between the times of Infinity War on through to the epic turbulence of Avengers: Endgame.

The benefit of creating a more pleasant reality

If it’s true Wanda is kind of escaping into a fantasy world to deal with Vision’s loss, what kind of larger message is that going to convey? As crazy as it all sounds, it may truly hit the nail on the head in a time when a lot of people would like to escape the madness of the world. Plus, with many lives being torn apart due to various circumstances, millions will immediately relate to Wanda using her magic to assuage her mind.

In the real world, virtual reality is already paving a path toward a similar scenario. There may even be a time when VR becomes so advanced, anyone can enter their own private world to recreate something from their pasts or interact with digital copies of lost loved ones.

From all indications, this is the big twist in WandaVision, despite fooling everyone in the beginning into thinking everything’s normal with this fabricated sitcom environment. Or, maybe it really is real and Wanda just managed to bring Vision back via the same ways he was created using Wakandan Vibranium, Asgardian lightning, plus an Infinity Stone as just starters.

Reports are the other side of the show will end up playing like a classic MCU film, proving Wanda finds herself back in reality at some point to probably battle a foe.

Paul Bettany’s Vision may also create new debates about robots and human life

The line between cyborgs and real human life have already been blurred to some degree, at least in the movies. As artificial intelligence becomes smarter, most experts think the world won’t be able to tell the difference between a real human brain and AI.

Vision may throw out similar debates if Wanda manages to revive him through something like a new form of Mind Stone. He may become so real to her that he really is real as he was when first created.

Leaping over these lines of debate about what constitutes a technological human and a real human being could be just as head-busting as the Wanda virtual reality idea. Of course, it’s all speculation now based on no information available about the story. Yet, Endgame made it clear the MCU isn’t afraid to tackle some heady issues as part of Kevin Feige’s determination to bring hard-edged sci-fi to the table.

Those age-old questions about the definition of reality and what’s real and what isn’t may have more thorough answers through WandaVision, with Bettany’s Vision as a conduit.