Will Elton John Get Snubbed By The Royal Family For Making This Major Faux Pas?

Everyone knows that Elton John has been a longtime close friend of the royal family. He recently lent his lavish home to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they vacationed in France, and he was at their wedding as well as the nuptials of Prince Harry’s older brother, Prince William, to Kate Middleton.

The acclaimed singer is so close with the royals that when Princess Diana tragically passed away, he rewrote his famous song Candle in the Wind, making it especially about the princess, her life, and her impact on the world. It seems as if John has a bond with the royals that just can’t be broken, as he has stood by their side in good times as well as bad.

Most people know that it is extremely rare for anyone to find a friend with that level of deep loyalty. However, John may have made a major mistake recently, and it is possible that it could affect his relationship with the royals.

Elton John’s relationship with the royals

Elton John performs on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2015 on December 31, 2014 in New York City.
Elton John | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for dcp

It is pretty safe to say that John and the royal family are about as close as any friends could possibly get. According to Extra.ie, their ties go way back, with the royals having been huge fans of the entertainer in the 1970s.

As a result, the high-profile family invited John to many events, and a deep friendship resulted. He is one of the few people who can say that he danced with Queen Elizabeth, and even performed at royal events, such as Prince Andrew’s 21st birthday party.

Most recently, he was one of the first to jump to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s defense when they were criticized for flying private jets to travel while preaching sustainability. John also supported the Duke and Duchess of Sussex suing British tabloids.

Elton John is knighted

The famous singer has done extensive work, touching many lives around the world. As a result, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in 1998 for his contributions to music. At the ceremony, while receiving his knighthood, Elton admitted how proud he was, saying that there “couldn’t be anything better.” 

AP reports that, since then, he has been known as Sir Elton John, which is quite an honor. In addition to his timeless music, the musician has done extensive charity work for AIDS, just like the late Princess Diana.

What was the mistake that Elton John made?

So, what was it that could possibly get John in hot water with the royals? Page Six reports that the singer has a new book, in which he tells a story of how he once witnessed Queen Elizabeth slapping her nephew across the face.

Apparently, the incident happened at a party, when Viscount Linley was asked to look after his younger sister, and he refused to do so. As a result, her majesty slapped him in the face several times, and John saw the entire thing.

It may have been that the queen was joking, however, because when she realized that she was being watched, she made light of the entire situation. Kidding or not, it something that Elton remembers to this day.

Will Elton John get snubbed by the royal family for this major faux pas?

Chances are, they won’t end their friendship with him, although they might not exactly be happy that he is letting out their family secrets. The royal family is notoriously private, and they keep up a certain image in front of the world. While this doesn’t mean that they don’t let loose, the do so behind closed doors, and not everyone gets to see them kicking back.

Most likely, the star did not mean any harm by telling this story from so many years ago, but the royals may not see it the same way. There’s also the chance that he was wise enough to get this anecdote pre-approved by Buckingham Palace.