Will Every ‘The View’ Co-Host Return for the Next Season?

If you watched The View in the last week of July, you caught what was the end of a very eventful Season 22. Along the way, viewers witnessed Joy Behar shut down Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman join the show before leaving to give birth, and Sunny Hostin find herself in multiple feuds.

That’s not even to mention Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s moderator and spiritual leader. Early in 2019, Whoopi stared death in the face during a grueling bout with pneumonia (plus sepsis).

While Whoopi pulled through, fans of The View may not have realized how close the show came to its de facto end. As the gatekeeper and one indispensable cast-member of The View, Whoopi’s departure would likely have had consequences for the institution itself.

So that will cause many to wonder what exactly the cast will look like when the show returns from its summer hiatus. According to ABC, there won’t be any new faces — and all the familiar ones will return.

ABC: Fans can expect all ‘View’ co-hosts back for Season 23.

The cast of ‘The View’ in July 2019 | Jenny Anderson/Walt Disney television via Getty Images

When we describe The View as an institution, it’s hardly an exaggeration. The show is about to launch into its 23rd season on ABC. Certainly, there have been bumpy moments along the way, but every fall fans have found the chairs filled with ladies they want to hear speak.

That won’t change heading into 2020. According to ABC, the entire roster will return to service. “The co-hosts and The View have had an incredible season and we expect them all back for an epic year ahead,” the network said in a statement in July.

Of course, ABC’s press shop did not release that statement unprompted. At the time, rumors were swirling that an unhappy McCain was set to leave The View.

For those who’ve followed the drama at the show over the years, you can take that statement for what it’s worth. When Elizabeth Hasselbeck got the ax years ago, viewers watched Barbara Walters lie about the situation on the air. So, to quote Chuck Berry, it goes to show you never can tell.

‘View’ insiders see Joy and Whoopi sticking around through the 2020 election.

Kamala Harris appears on ABC’s “The View” on July 12, 2019. | Jenny Anderson/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

While The View attracts an audience hoping to see fireworks every day, plenty of viewers come for the discussions about politics. As you can see from the steady parade of 2020 hopefuls, the show matters in the political sphere.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be the same if Joy and Whoopi didn’t hang around through the 2020 election. Ramin Setoodeh, who wrote the wildly entertaining Ladies Who Punch about the show, said his reporting indicated both mainstays would be aboard through the next year.

Obviously, all that can change in a heartbeat. Whether it’s a health scare, boredom, or unhappiness with any of the co-hosts, you can’t predict these things. But for now, everyone is maintaining all five (including Abby Huntsman) will be back for Season 23.

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