Will ‘Fuller House’ End After Season 5?

Fuller House has been one of the most-watched original shows for Netflix, but even the best things must come to an end. The show was a spin-off of the much belovedĀ Full House that ran for eight seasons between the years of 1987 and 1995 on ABC.

As a spin-off, the basic plotline is incredibly similar to the original series. Full House focused on widower Danny Tanner raising his three young daughters with the help of his brother-in-law, Jesse, and his best friend, Joey.

In the Fuller House spin-off, fans were greeted with a second generation in much the same situation. Danny Tanner’s eldest daughter, D.J., is a widow raising three sons with the help of her younger sister, Stephanie, and her best friend Kimmy.

Will ‘Fuller House’ end after season 5?

Netflix announced recently that they would be renewing Fuller House for a fifth and final season. The announcement was made in an emotional video that starts with a montage of clips from the first four seasons, and ends with clips of the cast members telling fans they “saved the best for last.”

Based on what happened in the fourth season, the final season of Fuller House may truly be the most emotional season yet.

What can fans expect from the final season?

While there is no official announcement on what fans can expect, there are quite a few fan theories that make sense when you consider what has happened so far. In the fourth season, Kimmy Gibbler acted as a surrogate to Stephanie and Jimmy’s baby. Nobody has yet learned what the baby’s name was, however, so that announcement should occur in the final season.

Another monumental life change was Jimmy’s proposal to Stephanie. She accepted (of course), and fans are eager to see their wedding. What could be more exciting than a Tanner-Gibbler wedding, after all? 

One thing that will probably not happen, much to the disappointment of fans, is an eventual Mary-Kate and Ashley drop-in. While fans had hoped for the last three years that the twins (who played the youngest sister, Michelle) would make at least a small appearance, the show’s creators state they have given up hope.

With a final season in the works, that window appears to have closed.

Why has Netflix chosen to cancel ‘Fuller House’?

There wasn’t an official announcement as to why Netflix decided to end Fuller House after five seasons, but there has been some ongoing turmoil behind scenes. Showrunner Jeff Franklin was fired in May of last year after a number of complaints stating he was verbally abusive. It was also said that Franklin made “sexually charged” remarks about his personal life. 

There had many rumors Fuller House would not make it past a fourth season. Netflix ended these rumors, however, stating that  “No decision has been made about the future of Fuller House; we’re looking forward to the premiere of Season 4 later this year.”

What does the cast have to say?

Candace Cameron Bure will have played the role of DJ Tanner for an incredible 13 seasons by the time Fuller House wraps up after Season 5, and she spoke exclusively with E! News last October.

The interview took place before the official green light was given for a fifth season. When asked, the actress stated that she “would play DJ Tanner for the rest of my life.”

Bure elaborated on her statement, stating:

“If the audience… and the networks wanted it, I would do it forever. I love her. I love our Fuller House family, and we really are a family off-screen. The more I get to be with them every day, whether it’s working or  just in everyday life friendship… Give us a season five!”