Will ‘Game of Thrones’ Get a Reboot After George R.R. Martin’s Final Book Is Released?

Merely mentioning the idea of a reboot might make a good chunk of you readers bristle considering we’re obviously living in a media reboot culture. While we admit the prospects for rebooting once popular movies or TV shows are exciting and occasionally work, more often than not, they don’t. In this regard, you might want to take our talk of a Game of Thrones reboot lightly.

Not that the show went out on a light note. If you saw the series finale, it was sweeping and dramatic as always. However, it also didn’t tidy up everything as fans wanted it to. It left various things unresolved, opening the door to a reboot someday if George R.R. Martin ever completes his last two books.

Will George R.R. Martin realistically finish the novels?

George R. R. Martin
George R. R. Martin | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

George R.R. Martin often says in interviews he can only write one word at a time, so it’s becoming safe to say he may never finish the last two books, known as The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.

Some people think since there’s simply not enough time and too much media pressure to finish these books, Martin will just let the HBO Game of Thrones ending stand as canon. Then again, we wonder if this is going to hold muster after mixed fan opinion on the series finale.

According to the Rotten Tomatoes score, the last episode only received a 56% rating. Many fans felt it was bland and led to too many unresolved plot points. In the minds of the most devoted fans, having Martin’s own ending would help mend ill feelings before time makes everyone forget.

Will George R.R. Martin feel more inspired to finish the books knowing the fan demand?

When you look at the psychology of writing, creative juices often flow faster when knowing your fans really want to see your work. Maybe Martin felt a bit lethargic about finishing his books of late because he knew the HBO series was practically superseding his own novels.

Faithful fans never really felt this way, but you can imagine what it does to a writer’s psyche knowing your own creation basically slipped away into other creative hands. Similar feelings are on par with how George Lucas likely felt with Star Wars, despite arguably becoming better when he handed over the keys.

We’re looking at a polar opposite situation now with Game of Thrones. The ball fell hard into Martin’s court on May 19 to help appease fans who want a more satisfying ending.

A number of plot points in the series do open the door to either a reboot, or even an eventual continuation. Or, we could even see a fan re-do of the finale based on a notorious petition gaining a million signatures.

Don’t count out a reboot/sequel beyond the upcoming prequels

Everyone knows HBO is still planning sideline Game of Thrones media, starting with the upcoming prequel going into production this summer. With the Game of Thrones series finale, though, some of the unfinished stories left a few of us thinking it opened a door for more stories down the road, perhaps at HBO’s request.

One of the most interesting and talked about on social media is exploring Arya’s adventures trekking West of Westeros. No, the social chatter of this land being Westworld will most assuredly not be done…or so we hope.

Because we live in an unpredictable media world, it’s possible Martin could finish his books, provide a different ending from the series, and end up spawning some kind of HBO reboot someday.

Such a thing might take a couple of decades after the original series is shoved into the annals of TV history and considered an oddity or relic. Unless HBO would decide to continue the series where it left off in another few years using the original cast. Only then would this turn into a “Game of ‘Game of Thrones’ Media” since Martin’s own creation will have escaped his control once again.