Will Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Be Happy in California?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo announced recently that they’ll be uprooting their life in Laredo, Texas to start a new one in Los Angeles, California. The couple seems excited for their new journey, but they have expressed sadness in leaving Laredo behind. While Los Angeles, for most, is an exciting city, it will be an extremely different way of life for Duggar and Vuolo. Will they be happy there?

Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo Felicity Vuolo
Jinger Duggar with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo and daughter, Felicity Vuolo. | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Duggar announced on Instagram that she and Vuolo are moving to Los Angeles in July

A couple months back, Duggar and Vuolo took a trip to Los Angeles and documented the experience through social media photos. Fans were quick to notice how much fun the two were having, and it seemed like they were in love with city. A short time later, the couple announced that they would be moving out of Laredo and starting a new life in L.A in July 2019. Vuolo will be attending graduate courses in the city, which is why the couple is moving. They share one daughter, Felicity, who is too young to know any better about where she lives, so now is probably the best time to move out and experience something new.

Duggar moved far away from her parents soon after she married

Duggar is no stranger to living far away. When she first met Vuolo, she knew he was living in Texas and that marrying him would likely mean she had to move far from home. The couple couldn’t even start a courtship for a while because they simply weren’t spending enough time together. Once they did start courting, they got engaged within a month and were married quickly. Duggar moved to Laredo with Vuolo, and the two have grown to love it. They constantly post about the town and everything it has to offer, and when they announced they’d be moving, they felt sad to leave behind their friends in Laredo, despite their excitement.

While the distance likely won’t be a problem, the way of life might be

Picking up and moving to a new city is scary for anyone. But for someone like Duggar, who was raised with a very specific way of life, it might be even harder. Duggar grew up in Arkansas, and she is very deeply rooted in her religion; Vuolo is very religious, too. Traditionally, the two don’t believe in gay rights, abortion, transgender, and other social rights topics that have been sweeping the country. California is a very liberal state, and L.A. is a very liberal city. Duggar and Vuolo might find it hard to fit in because they have such different values from most people in the city. It’s possible they won’t like their new home as much as they want to.

Duggar has been dubbed the most rebellious of the family, so she might adapt well  

Although it seems the two wouldn’t fit in, the opposite could happen, too. Vuolo attended public high school and went to college, so he’s run into many different walks of life. And Duggar has been labeled the most rebellious one in her family, since she moved far from home and started wearing tank tops. Although these two things seem minimal, they could mean that she is more open to change and will actually adapt much better to the L.A. environment than anyone else in her family would. Time will tell if the couple is happy with their new home; at this point, it could go either way.

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