Will Jinger Duggar Leave ‘Counting On’? Why Some Fans Think So

We’ve been following the Duggar family for years thanks to TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting and now Counting OnViewers were first introduced to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, a happily married couple who believed in having as many children as God blessed them with — and that number turned out to be 19. Since then, many of the Duggar kids have grown up, married, and started their own families. And Jinger Duggar, the sixth-eldest Duggar kid who’s now married to Jeremy Vuolo, has always been a fan favorite.

While viewers love watching Jinger, many fear she’ll leave Counting On for good. Here’s why.

Jinger and Jeremy don’t spend a lot of time in Arkansas with the other Duggars

If there’s one Duggar who’s known for her bending the rules, it’s Jinger. From her clothing to her decision to give Jeremy a full-frontal hug when they were just engaged, her willingness to go her own way has not been lost on Counting On fans. And it appears that since she’s married Jeremy, she’s spent plenty of time away from her family’s Arkansas home.

As for where Jinger and Jeremy live, their home is in Texas, Romper notes. And there was even talk that Jinger and Jeremy may be making a move to Los Angeles for Jeremy’s job. Seeing as Jinger has always been open to big-city life and unafraid to leave the family nest behind, this decision wouldn’t surprise us — though it might make it harder for her to appear on Counting On.

We also can’t forget that Jinger rarely spends Christmas with her family anymore, either. She was with Jeremy’s family in Pennsylvania this past holiday season, and she was also with the Vuolos the year before that. Could all of this time away from her side of the family mean she’s willing to go her own way completely? We’ll have to wait and see.

Fans have called for a Jinger spin-off series in the past

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Counting On viewers love Jinger so much that they’ve apparently called for her to have her own series. According to The Hollywood Gossip, fans want Jinger to be the first Duggar to have her own solo series. Thanks to her less-conservative approach to life, her willingness to move away from her family, and her likable husband, she may be the perfect Duggar to follow totally on her own.

A solo-Duggar series of any kind would also be the first spin-off for the family. While fans may consider Counting On to be a spin-off series from 19 Kids and Counting, it’s more of a continuation from what we’ve all seen before. Fans may start to crave something new — and following the rebel of the family could be exactly what TLC needs.

She wouldn’t be the first Duggar to stop appearing on the show

If Jinger leaves Counting On, she won’t be the first of her sisters to stop appearing on the show. We all remember when Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick, stopped associating with the series. And that’s because TLC fired Derick after he unleashed a series of homophobic and transphobic comments on Twitter. After that, the network wanted nothing to do with him — and sadly, that meant Jill was also off the air.

We doubt anything so scandalous will happen with Jinger and Jeremy, but even so, perhaps Jinger will follow in her older sister’s footsteps and leave the TV spotlight behind.

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