Will Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Regret Their Quick Vegas Wedding?

Showbiz weddings have been such disasters for decades that most of the world automatically thinks a new one is either impulsive or doomed to fail virtually overnight. From the outset, it may seem the same with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner doing a sudden surprise wedding in Vegas May 1. Latter marriage isn’t quite as devil-may-care as you think.

Let’s stop and remember Jonas and Turner have been engaged for a while. They started dating already several years ago, and Jonas proposed in October of 2017.

Now some of the media are wondering if they’ll regret their rushed wedding. Once again, let’s look at reality before we think it becomes a statistic like every other showbiz nuptial.

Were Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner impulsive to get married?

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

If you want to get into the madness of impulsive Vegas weddings, then you can probably find hundreds of examples from both celebrities and non-famous alike. Since the 1950s, there have likely been several million weddings done at the spur of the moment in Vegas, sometimes with annulment mere hours later.

You’d think everyone would learn their lesson after this became a Vegas cliche, complete with Elvis impersonator/preacher. One of the most egregious examples from recently was Nicolas Cage who became so drunk one night, he accidentally married his girlfriend Erika Koike while the two were in Las Vegas. He filed for annulment four days later claiming he was too drunk to even comprehend what he was doing.

With Jonas and Turner, there’s a lot more careful thinking going on than it appears.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner took time to really know one another

It helped that Jonas kept his first year dating Turner under the radar so they could get to know one another without the paparazzi creating chaos and confusion. More than a year passed before Jonas officially declared they were serious on his Instagram account.

According to official accounts, they bought a puppy together and followed it up with two more canines before their wedding took place. Their love of dogs gives a good marriage lesson in being able to know one another by how well each treats their pets.

Let this be a reminder to others who want to jump into marriage, yet think they don’t truly know their girlfriend/boyfriend after dating several years. Plus, it helped Jonas and Turner were seen virtually everywhere together after going public with their romance.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s wedding was only for legal reasons

If you still need an explanation as to why Jonas and Turner married in Vegas, it was done out of the convenience of the two being in Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards. Also, they needed to make it legal here in the U.S. before setting up a wedding in a foreign country.

While they’re legally married now, their original plan to have a wedding in Paris is still on. At least there, the paparazzi won’t be going crazy, or so it seems. We all still have haunted remembrances of the paparazzi chasing Princess Diana there 22 years ago as she was dating Dodi Fayed. Despite Diana’s situation ending tragically, Jonas and Turner may not create the same media frenzy there.

By the way: Jonas and Turner definitely used an Elvis impersonator to officiate their wedding. They ultimately had the classic Vegas marriage experience, but don’t expect this to be a curse on them being happy together far beyond what they accomplish in their careers.