Will Julie Chen Host ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Season 2 and Beyond?

Big Brother fans have been waiting to find out just who the cast would be for Celebrity Big Brother, Season 2. We’ve also been waiting to hear whether Julie Chen will return as host. The cast for Celebrity Big Brother, Season 2 was recently disclosed. So, what about the show’s long-running host? How much longer will Julie Chen stay on CBS?

It wouldn’t be surprising if Julie Chen left CBS

Amidst political and Hollywood accusations of sexual misconduct and abuse for many, Chen’s husband Les Moonves was accused by six women for harassment and intimidation. The July 2018 of The New Yorker article revealing information was written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow. Farrow had previously written an article for The New Yorker which broke the news of the Harvey Weinstein accusations.

Moonves had served as CEO of CBS Corporation for 15 years. His employment was terminated in September 2018.

Chen supports her husband; leaves ‘The Talk’

Standing in solidarity with her husband, Chen signed off from her first appearance on BB after accusations of Moonves’ misconduct became public, “From outside the Big Brother House, I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Good night.” Before, she had gone by her maiden name only.

On September 18, Chen announced she was leaving her eight-year hosting gig with The Talk via a video-recording taped in front of the BB house door. She wanted to spend time helping clear her husband’s name, and with her family at home, she said.

She finished hosting that BB season through to its finale on Sept. 26.

Julie Chen will still host ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ for now

Chen has been the host of Big Brother since its debut in July 2000. Her name is synonymous with the show. The upset with her husband and her departure from The Talk left fans wondering about the program and her future.

At least so far, the show and Chen continued. With the announcement of houseguests for Celebrity Big Brother, Season 2 we learned Chen would host and is contracted for this season of the celebrity spin-off.

BB Season 20’s premier had a lower rating than prior years, according to Variety, although it easily topped network TV watchers that evening.

The 88 days of Season 1 drew an average of 9.01 million viewers. The 99 days of Season 20 had an average of 5.42 viewers.

According to the Big Brother Network, CBS is planning a Big Brother, Season 21. CBS’ website confirms it is accepting applications for the show.

Whether Chen will host remains in question. It is difficult to see that she may give it up. But, since her husband was formally fired with cause and without $120 million in expected severance pay, it is also possible she may not return.

Will ‘Big Brother’ go on without Chen?

While some cannot conceive of the show without its long-running host, there are other alternatives out there. With the expected return this summer the show will need a host. Will it be Chen or another famous show host or announcer? Or possibly a former cast member?

One possibility could be Jeff Schroeder. Schroeder originally came to the show for Season 11. He was a fan favorite in part because of his budding “showmance” with Jordan Lloyd. During that season their relationship seemed to be that of pure friends, but fans wanted more, and so did the couple. Schroeder was evicted on Day 61. Lloyd won. Schroeder netted the $25,000 “America’s Favorite” prize.

Together, Jeff and Jordan appeared on Amazing Race 16. They returned to the Big Brother house for Season 13 as part of the “Dynamic Duo’s” twist.

The two were married in 2016 and have two sons.

Schroeder began hosting Big Brother Live Chat for Season 14, a recap show of events from the TV show. Similarly, he also hosted Survivor Live. He has made numerous guest appearances on the BB through the years. He currently hosts TEGNA’s Daily Blast Live, a daily entertainment and news program.

While the fate of Chen as host remains in the balance, we can enjoy her hosting Big Brother Celebrity, Season 2 starting on January 21. It sounds as if we can look forward to the regular Big Brother returning this summer with or without her, and hope for another eventful season.