Will Kardashian Jenner Exes Like Tristan Thompson and Travis Scott Be in the 2019 Christmas Card?

It’s almost the time of year for sledding, sipping hot cocoa by the fire, and looking over the latest Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card. That’s right! The annual tradition is likely to make another appearance, and it is sure to give fans plenty to think about.

Kim Kardashian West at the 2018 MET Gala.
Kim Kardashian West | Matt Winkelmeyer/MG18/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

For one thing, the Kardashian-Jenner family tree is getting more and more complex every year. The rapidly growing family means more tots will be in the pictures and the focus will shift away from Kim Kardashian and her sisters.

Given the complicated status of the Kardashian Jenner family with their ex-partners, who also happen to be the fathers of the newest generation, many fans are curious about how those members will be handled.

The Kardashian holiday card tradition has evolved 

The tradition dates way, way back to the most prominent members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s childhoods. Looking at Christmas cards the family has put out in years past, we can see a clear progression from homey, traditional family displays to a much more polished and produced result, which is befitting for a family who is famous for being famous. 

The card from 1995, for instance, features the entire family when Kris was still married to Caitlyn (then Bruce) Jenner. They’re all dressed in white and posed around Santa Claus. A tiny Kendall Jenner is an infant who was born in early November of that year.

By 2008, the look had become a little more polished. Kris Jenner poses next to her spouse, and they’re both decked out in formal wear. The whole group is wearing black and red, and a young Kylie poses playfully on a ladder. This photo also marks a string of annual photos without missing a year. 

Past Christmas card can provide some clues 

As time has gone on, the Christmas cards have changed to include the growing family. 

The official 2009 holiday picture was a photograph from Khloe Kardashian’s wedding to Lamar Odom. The 2010 card features a toddling Mason Kardashian (the son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick) decked out in an adorable suit.

For 2011, the whole crew channeled their gender-bending fashion inspiration as the women of the group donned pantsuits or dresses with masculine details. The trend continued until 2014 when there was no official photo. Kim Kardashian explained that the family simply “ran out of time,” but it was also the year that Kris Jenner filed for divorce

The 2015 image was simple and just featured the four children. They missed again in 2016. But it was a year of turmoil as Kanye West had been hospitalized and Kim Kardashian had been robbed in Paris. The 2017 card was full of children and the women clad in casual denim as they looked over the growing brood. 

Drama is nothing new for the crew

While there has been plenty of relationship drama in 2019 for the Kardashian-Jenner women, that’s nothing new. Since the family has lived their life as reality TV stars, the public is used to following the ups and downs of their love lives. 

It’s possible that some of the exes could make an appearance, but it likely depends on their overall status with the family at the time the photo is shot. For instance, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Tristan Thompson on the card. He and Khloe Kardashian seem pretty cozy, and he’s been working hard to win her back after their dramatic blowup. Their one-year-old daughter, True, will very likely be in the photo, and a shot that includes both of her parents would likely confirm what many fans suspect: the separation was temporary. 

It’s a lot less likely to see Travis Scott in the photo. He and Kylie Jenner do not look like they’re on a path to reconciliation. In fact, the two both seem to have moved on since their two-year relationship ended, but they have managed to come together on occasion to take their daughter, Stormi, places. 

We really won’t know who will be on the card until we see it. Some years members have been missing even without any drama, and it will definitely be difficult to get a shot that includes everyone since the family has grown so much.