Will Kevin’s New Romance Survive the Rest of the Show?

Kevin’s relationships on This Is Us work similarly to many real-life showbiz relationships where there seems to be an endless musical chairs circle. Even though Kevin was once married, he’s had several wild relationships within the present time span of the show, including a major mystery in one of the flash-forwards.

If Kevin can’t seem to find his real soulmate, maybe he finally has in his latest romance. Adding Cassidy to the mix has added a new dimension to the show in utilizing a character suffering from similar issues. Then again, they also have some major differences, leading some to believe they won’t stick together.

One future scene showed Kevin had a son, though seemingly not married, not including the August 2020 flash-forward of a pregnant fiancée. Of course, not revealing was intentional to attempt to throw viewers off the trail.

Do Kevin and Cassidy really have a future together?

Justin Hartley as Kevin in This Is Us
Justin Hartley as Kevin, Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Most fans of the show on Reddit think Kevin probably won’t stay with Cassidy for much longer, mostly because the latter still has a husband she hasn’t completely divorced.

As many might remember, the season opener introduced Cassidy as a former Marine NCO who happened to suffer from PTSD and alcoholism. Her husband kicked her out of the house when she inadvertently strikes her son.

Later, Cassidy connects with Kevin, mostly because they’re both recovering alcoholics. Having this emotional connection was already an important first step in solidifying any kind of romantic relationship. It’s not to say there might not be some slip-ups down the road.

With Kevin’s career as an increasingly respected actor, his lifestyle is different from Cassidy’s as a former Marine. Plus, the thought she might abandon her family seems incongruous with what audiences saw of Cassidy initially.

All signs seem to indicate Kevin and Cassidy breaking up and former ending up with someone else … again. No doubt everyone will know when the show resumes after the mid-season break.

If they don’t end up together, who will his fiancée be?

Some Reddit fans think Kevin will link up with the girl at the gym who’s serving smoothies. Viewers might remember Kevin seeming to show some flirty chemistry with this girl after she allows him to break the rules and drink his smoothie around the gym equipment.

Maybe this was a ruse to make everyone think he and Cassidy won’t go beyond a certain point. They still seemed solid up until Kevin had eyes for the gym girl.

There’s an argument to be made Kevin sort of represents the cliche of a Hollywood womanizer. It’s amazing that Cassidy didn’t notice this by now, but she may already know. As a result, they may be close to splitting by the time the show resumes.

Or, there might be a major surprise and everyone finds out they managed to stay strong together, leading to Cassidy becoming pregnant. In this scenario, it might have also been unintended, leading to a forced marriage.

It seems unlikely Kevin is with the same woman years from now

Since proof exists Kevin has a son 12 years from now, what are the chances he’ll find some kind of long-standing relationship commitment? All This Is Us fans want to see is him finding someone to fully commit to as much as Randall and Beth have.

This might be asking too much since his showbiz lifestyle may not be conducive. No one should assume it can’t happen, however, since there’s a number of Hollywood marriages still enduring. For Kevin, it might do him well to marry someone from outside Hollywood anyway to keep him grounded.

Sticking with Cassidy might be the ultimate surprise awaiting viewers, helped along by their continual push to stay away from alcohol.