Will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Choose One of These Names for Baby No. 4?

By now, everyone has already heard that Kim Kardashian West and Kayne West are expecting their fourth baby — a boy via surrogate — this May. They haven’t officially announced the name yet, but they have left us some clues, and it’s kept everyone on their feet guessing what the little bundle might be called.

Kim Kardashian’s baby name requirements

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The couple already has three children: North, 5, Saint, 3, and Chicago, 1. Kim has previously told Ellen DeGeneres that she like names that are short, easy to spell, and one syllable.

You might be thinking: Wait a minute, Chicago isn’t one syllable. And you’re right, it’s not. Last year Kim revealed that she wasn’t the biggest fan of the name Kanye picked for their youngest daughter. Kim revealed that she usually calls her Chi and that when she grows up, the girl can choose if she wants to be called Chicago or Chi.

Some might say the Kardashian-Wests choose unusual names for their children. That might be so, but it makes it rather fun and that’s got everyone throwing around possibilities for this fourth baby. So far, here are a few of the top favorites around media and fans:


Although this name has been brought up several times, it seems unlikely that the Kardashian-Wests will choose this one. Kim told DeGeneres back in 2015 that it was unlikely they would go with a direction name in the future. “Every time someone says South, I just want to roll my eyes,” Kim said.


This is Kim’s middle name. It’s short and one syllable, but easy to spell is arguable. Also, Noel is usually a girl’s name, and while there is a trend of swapping genders with baby names, Kim and Kanye haven’t done this in the past, so it’s unlikely they would choose Noel for their little boy.


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This one has been suggested by several people and it does fit Kim’s requirements. Plus, it’s very likely that the little boy will be a star, with such talented and business-minded parents. This is probably the most likely name suggested so far. But, we may have another big clue that leads us in a totally different direction.

Surprisingly Traditional

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The big clue came on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show earlier this month. Kim told Jimmy: “I was Googling Armenian boy’s names last night, and I couldn’t really find anything.” She continued by stating that she’s considered naming the baby Rob, which is both her brother’s name and their father’s name.

Kim said she’s already got the okay from her brother, but it’s not final yet. “It’s like North, Saint, Chicago, Rob. It doesn’t really go,” Kim said. She continued by stating that while the name Rob West sounds nice, she doesn’t like Robert West. Short, easy to spell and one syllable — Rob fits, but definitely not Robert.

What will Kim Kardashian name her fourth baby?

Kim explained to Kimmel that it usually takes several days after the baby is born for them to settle on a name. “I usually go about three or four days nameless until I feel it really connects with me,” she said.

Kim further explained that she takes a family survey, and they try to figure out what goes with how the baby looks and what feels right.

So you heard it, the fourth Kardashian-West baby might be little Rob West, or maybe not. Since Kim said they usually wait until after the baby is born for the final decision, we still have a few more weeks to go. Time is going fast, but we’re still going to have to wait to find out.