Will Kylie Jenner Be Attending Coachella This Year?

It’s officially that time of year again!

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2019 is now underway and many celebrities are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to their festival fashion.

Kylie Jenner attends REVOLVE Desert House
Kylie Jenner attends REVOLVE Desert House| Thaddaeus McAdams/FilmMagic

One celebrity who has been donned the queen of Coachella is the 21-year-old makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner.

Over the past few years, Kylie Jenner has SLAYED each and every Coachella from her glam looks to her colorful hair.

Coachella is just not the same without the queen of festival looks, but now that she is a mom, will Kylie Jenner sit this year’s event out?

She has yet to miss Coachella

Since first being spotted at the highly anticipated music festival back in 2014, Kylie Jenner has been spotted amongst the multitude of celebrities who attend Coachella every year since.

Fans look forward to seeing her one of a kind festival outfits and beautifully colored hair only Jenner has been known to rock.

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Now that Coachella is finally underway, we can’t help but wonder if this will be the first year Kylie Jenner’s not attending.

Other than occasionally being spotted around LA and still remaining active on social media, the makeup mogul has been taking a break from the spotlight and could possibly sit this year’s Coachella out.

Kylie’s had a rough few months

With it only being a few short months since the drama surrounding her best friend, Jordyn Woods, and Tristan Thompson broke the internet, Kylie Jenner has remained pretty low-key.

Since getting the news of her BFF’s betrayal and her family experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, Kylie Jenner has had to endure the aftermath of a major scandal she didn’t even ask to be part of.

Now that Jenner and Woods’ nine-year friendship is over and the two have always been spotted at Coachella together, nostalgic memories of their time together could sway Kylie decision to attend the festival this year.

She’s still a mom

Over the past few weeks, many fans have noticed Kylie Jenner has been spending most of her time at home with her daughter, Stormi.

Since the whole Jordyn and Tristan scandal came to light, Jenner has been coping with her feelings in private and the best way to keep her mind off of the drama is to be around her the one-year-old.

However, Jenner has such a deep love for the music festival that even post-childbirth couldn’t stop her from attending.

Even though Jenner still attended Coachella two months after giving birth to Stormi last year, it is still up in the air whether or not the makeup mogul will feel up to it this year.

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I’m not a regular mom I’m a cool mom

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We’re pretty sure Stormi will still accompany her mom to one of the biggest music festivals of the year if Kylie decides to go, but with all that’s been going on, we would completely understand if she stays home and continues feeling at peace with her daughter.

She could surprise us this year

Even though her attendance is still not certain, Kylie Jenner will always be known as the Coachella Queen.

People always look to her for fashion inspiration, especially when it comes to festival looks.

Though we would love to see Kylie Jenner enjoy herself at Coachella, if she chooses to sit this year out, we completely understand.

Coachella will always have a special place in Kylie’s heart no matter if she is there or not.