Will Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Really Make More Movies Together?

There’s a certain group of people who simply won’t give up trying to connect Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on a romantic level, not including professionally. After a bit of a rest on this after Lady Gaga quashed all rumors about her and Cooper, rumors are starting all over again with both now single.

The latest hope is Cooper and Lady Gaga will soon start making movies together after volatile breakups with their significant others. Once again, we’re here to weed out the truth on what’s really going on here.

It’s still worth speculating about the two making films together, though, since their chemistry is tantamount to spontaneous combustion. We just need to remember they’re method acting about any romantic feelings, at least in theory.

What are the latest rumors this time?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards

One of the most recent rumors to pop up recently was about Lady Gaga joining Cooper as a motion-capture partner on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. This could very well happen since the film is still in development after the reinstatement of James Gunn as director. If true, she’d play Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon’s supposed “love interest.”

A lot of media outlets have rejected this idea, mostly because Cooper and Lady Gaga are probably trying to ward off any further media conjecture about their relationship. Not that Gaga couldn’t still participate separately thanks to the project being motion-capture/voice work.

Despite all the controversy about them being together, someone is going to find a way to link them back up in a movie. It’s just a matter of time and the right project.

In the meantime, a million other rumors about them doing films together have hit the fan, with all debunked by some notable gossip sites.

The Gaga-Cooper rumor mill working overtime

Sites like GossipCop have been a saving grace in debunking various rumors about celebrities in recent months and years. They recently went on a rampage in debunking stories from other sources saying Cooper was planning to work with Lady Gaga in at least several movies.

A prominent one that likely excited fans was the story of Cooper wanting Lady Gaga for a role in former’s biopic about Leonard Bernstein. Yes, even we can imagine Lady Gaga having a chance to show off her vocal chops again here, perhaps singing some of Bernstein’s famous songs from Broadway (e.g. West Side Story).

GossipCop called this story out as false, along with others including Lady Gaga starring with Cooper in his remake of Nightmare Alley. An even more outlandish rumor had the two possibly starring together in a Cleopatra remake with Lady Gaga playing the title role and Cooper playing Mark Antony.

Yes, there’s a lot of Taylor-Burton allusions there, something a few fans wish to see happen all over again.

What kind of movie should they reunite in?

We have a feeling because the romantic rumors between Lady Gaga and Cooper probably won’t end any time soon, it’s going to be a couple of years or more before we see them in a film together. Perhaps they’ll find themselves in new relationships before then so they can work together without everybody watching their every move and if there’s any flirting.

Unless there’s the wild chance they really do end up together in real life. Should this happen, we might see them in a lot of movies together where making movies becomes a form of their own marriage therapy if need be.

In a case where they reunite while still single, it might be a good idea to work in a film where they aren’t a romantic pair. Maybe nobody would initially buy the two hating one another on the big screen. Going this route may be the only way to wash away the rumor mill, especially since they’re good enough method actors to convince their fans of anything.