Will Lauren Cohan Return to the ‘Walking the Dead’ Since Her Other Show Was Canceled?

Fans all over the country were heartbroken when Lauren Cohan announced that after eight years on the AMC hit series, The Walking Dead, she would be leaving the show. Many people considered Cohan to be one of the show’s frontrunner and they did not see how the show would be able to continue without her presence. It has now been about six months since MMaggie Rhee, Cohan’s character, was on the show and fans are still missing her and hoping that she will one day return.

She had originally left the show in order to star on a brand new comedy drama called Whiskey Cavalier. However, ABC recently announced that after only one season, the network decided to stop production and not bring it back for a second season.

Now that her new show is canceled, is there a chance that Cohan may return to The Walking Dead? Here is what we know.

How did Lauren Cohan’s character leave ‘The Walking Dead’?

Maggie points a gun in The Walking Dead
Maggie on ‘The Walking Dead’. | AMC

In season nine, we discovered that Maggie and her son went to a nearby community in order to help them reestablish civilization and get their community back to where it needed to be. The other characters on the show don’t seem to be giving any clues if Maggie will be coming back or not, but in the show, it does mention how Maggie continues to keep in touch with the other people in the Hilltop community with letters and updates about her and her son’s progress with the new community.

The real reason Lauren Cohan left the show

While Maggie may have left Hilltop to do some humanitarian work, the real reason that Lauren decided to leave the show is a little bit different.

Lauren’s contract had ended at the end of season eight. When she went to renegotiate her contract for a few more seasons, her and the show’s executives were having a hard time agreeing on a suitable salary. According to Cinema Blend, Cohan wanted more money than the show was willing to give her. Because of that, she decided to sign on for a few more episodes in season nine but then left for ABC to film Whiskey Cavalier.

In an interview about her contract renewal, Lauren had revealed how shocked she was to not be able to come to an agreement about her salary. “I took that, how baffled I was and thought, ‘Okay, well that’s a sign. This is maybe just not a fit anymore. To feel like we weren’t lining up in so many ways I thought, ‘Okay, well, maybe that means something.”

Could Lauren Cohan ever come back to ‘The Walking Dead’?

Even though she couldn’t reach an agreement with AMC on her contract, from the day Cohan decided to leave the show to pursue other projects, she had always left the option open to come back and film at least an episode or two in the future. By having the characters on the show still stay in contact with Maggie, means that the show’s creators are also leaving a door open for her as well.

Now that her new show has been canceled, there is a real possibility that she could decide to return to The Walking Dead next season.

Is Lauren Cohan’s new show over for good?

When ABC announced that it would not be bringing Whiskey Cavalier back for a second season, fans were not happy. Thousands of fans had reportedly voiced their opinion to the network and asked them to reconsider their decision. Many fans took to social media with the hashtag, #SaveWhiskeyCavalier, in hopes that the network will bring the show back. According to Screen Rant, the show has about a 50 percent chance of coming back for season two. So while Lauren Cohan could return to The Walking Dead set, we may have to wait to see if ABC will stand by its decision to keep her new show off of the air.