Will Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman Ever Work in Hollywood Again?

Contrition in Hollywood has been a complicated process for decades when celebrities have such a heavy burden of always being good role models to millions. When they screw up and do something bad, we’ve seen a lot of variance on the public either forgiving or disowning them.

While we still forgive celebrities for problems like alcoholism or drug addiction, it’s not so easy when they do something willfully awful.

What will the public think of Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman now that they’ve been caught up in the recent college admissions scandal? Can they work in Hollywood again, or will they be branded as criminals in a likely decades-old scheme?

This is new territory for forgiveness

One thing the public has done is drawn lines on what they forgive and don’t forgive celebrities doing. When it comes to crimes like sexual abuse or assault, we’re far less forgiving nowadays for good reason. Various careers have already been ruined as a result of celebrities thinking they could get a pass with sexual crimes.

For addictions, we’re still forgiving. Yet, when it comes to committing willful fraud, what will the public think? Most importantly, what will powerful people in Hollywood think in wanting to employ Loughlin and Huffman again?

Because we’ve never seen anything like this before from a celebrity, it’s probably going to be a long waiting period until the public and Hollywood makes up their minds about Loughlin and Huffman.

If both of them end up going to prison, it may also put their careers in an undecided state until we hear from them directly. Hallmark isn’t waiting and already cut ties from Loughlin.

Is there a middle-ground on this the public could relate to?

From the outset, the evidence looks very damning against Loughlin, Huffman, and possibly their husbands. The worst of it is knowing how the scheme prevented other possibly more worthy students from getting into prestigious universities. On top of it, it’s possible similar schemes have gone on for years.

Taking advantage of wealth and privilege is a hard thing to forgive today when greed is looked down upon as the worst trait of millionaires and billionaires. Nevertheless, when you see the details of how damaging this case is, time is going to play a major factor in what happens to Loughlin and Huffman’s careers.

Take into consideration this makes up a big picture in not only committing fraud, but also shades of racism and perhaps willful elitism. Then again, just how willful was this scheme?

Loughlin and Huffman were possibly caught up in gifting their children

Both Loughlin and Huffman have been defended by their friends as being good family people who wouldn’t do anything illegal willfully. While the public backlash is strong, can we finally look at this as parents being blinded by doing whatever it takes to give their children a good life?

Reportedly, they didn’t have the college educations like their kids now have. When you’re willing to do anything to make sure your kids don’t repeat the same mistakes, even worse mistakes are likely going to be made.

Plus, when you have the power and money to make the dream possible, a lot of people go forth with the thought it’s still ethical. They become blind to criminal realities and not realize what it’s doing to destroy the American Dream of other children with fewer financial means.

Maybe this will become the official explanation once Loughlin and Huffman are ever interviewed. Whether their kids will agree with the assessment is another thing when you realize they’ve just sullied their lives as well. Two or three years may have to go by until we can write on what Hollywood and the public thinks by then.