Will Margaret Wells Return in ‘Harlots’ Season 3?

Harlots returned this week in all its wonderful glory. If you’ve had the privilege to watch this gem, then you know it’s an amazing feminist outlook on women in the sex work industry. It doesn’t try to shy away from taboo subjects or neglect the actual setting of 18th century London.

The matriarch of the family, Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton), is somewhere in America for all we know. She was shipped out at the last minute after nearly escaping the noose. Her daughters have been lefts to fend for themselves. Charlotte Wells (Jessica Brown Findlay) and Lucy Wells (Eloise Smyth) are embracing their newfound freedom and independence.

Will Margaret Wells return in ‘Harlots?’

Samantha Morton
Samantha Morton attends ‘The Last Panthers’ photocall as part of MIPCOM 2015. Tony Barson/WireImage

The entire time watching the first episode of season three, you’re probably wondering if they will show dear Margaret or if she will ever return to her family.

She had a realistic outlook on life that kept the house grounded. She was the bawd in charge with the outlook that, “The only safety is in money.”

Will Margaret return? Most likely, as she is such an important aspect to the story as a whole. She still has a role to play in the story that is Harlots. She wasn’t in the trailer, but there is still hope she will return and take her place amongst her family.

The tables have turned in Season 3

Things are changing in the mean streets of London. The Harlots seem to be making a place for themselves all their own. Charlotte is now the bawd of the house, and taking charge of things. She rightly stands up to a would-be pimp, Isaac Pincher (Alfie Allen). There will definitely be more drama between the two of them to come.

Lucy is now the most sought-after woman around, and she enjoys the attention men lavish her with. It’s encouraging to see her go from the girl she was in season one to the empowered woman she now is. In the first episode, she has men compete for her affections in a race and she clearly enjoys the spectacle.

Will Lydia Quigley get out of Bedlam?

Lesley Manville
Lesley Manville from the serie “World on Fire” attends the 59th Monte Carlo TV Festival in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Lydia Quigley (Lelsey Manville) is no longer the powerful woman she once was. She has been sent to Bedlam, an insane asylum, by her own son and rivals. She has been reduced to a shadow of her former self. She still has some fight left in her, and is willing to do anything to get out and get her revenge on Charlotte.

Quigley caused a lot of turmoil for the Wells family over the years. It started with Margaret when she was just a young girl. There is definitely a lot of pent up resentment between the Wells women and Quigley. The story between them is not over just yet.

Lady Fitzwilliam is back and bolder than ever

Lady Isabella Fitzwilliam (Liv Tyler) is back and ready to take on high society. The first episode of Harlots already has her being continually beaten down by her brother and abuser through various plots. Though the two haven’t yet interacted, Lady Fitz goes to the house looking for Charlotte. They are obviously still quite close. Charlotte was helping her get past the abuse her brother threw upon her. Lady Fitz will certainly have a larger role to play in the season to come.