‘NCIS’: Will Mark Harmon Speak out About Pauley Perrette Accusations?

NCIS‘s 16th season ended last month. But Mark Harmon, the star of the series, has recently been thrust into the spotlight over some allegations made by former cast member Pauley Perrette, who left the show in 2018.

Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette
Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Although Perrette accused Harmon of rather serious things, neither CBS nor Harmon has yet to respond. So will Mark Harmon speak out any time soon? Here’s what we know.

What did Pauley Perrette accuse Mark Harmon of?

When Pauley Perrette left NCIS last year, she raised a lot of questions about what could have gone on behind the scenes. The actress made tweets alluding to “multiple physical assaults” as the reason why she left the series.

However, fans did not know that she was referring to Mark Harmon until this month. After Pauley Perrette got tired of people asking about her possibly returning to the show for season 17, she tweeted: “NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER! (Please stop asking?) I am terrified of Harmon and him attacking me. I have nightmares about it. I have a new show that is SAFE AND HAPPY!”

She also made another tweet that brought fans back to the 2016 incident when Mark Harmon brought his dog on to the set of NCIS. The dog allegedly attacked the cast and crew. No one dared to speak up, because of how much power Mark Harmon holds as the main character and executive producer.

Pauley Perrette tweeted a photo of a crew member with stitches in his eyes and said: “THIS happened To my crew member and I fought like hell to keep it from happening again! To protect my crew! And then I was physically assaulted for saying NO!? and I lost my job.”

Some fans do not believe Pauley Perrette’s accusations

While assault is no doubt a serious issue that should be dealt with accordingly, some NCIS fans are finding it hard to believe Pauley Perrette given her history of creating drama and over-exaggerating certain things.

A fan tweeted: “This is one of the reasons I have lost respect for Pauley Perrette. Her constant need for drama and trying to ruin others. This isn’t the first time Pauley has lied about a co-star. In fact during PM with a fan she lied about Cote de Pablo and her leaving the show.”

A user on Reddit also shared: “She seems to be a bit off. She was allegedly attacked by some random guy, then said she was stalked for 14 years, then was accused of being a stalker, and now the Mark Harmon thing. Either she is very unlucky or very crazy.”

Another person pointed out that, following the dog-biting incident, the crew member in question admitted that he was playing with the dog too roughly. The issue was quickly resolved by everyone in question and it didn’t make sense for Pauley Perrette to make a big deal out of it.

Will Mark Harmon speak out about the accusations?

It’s not clear whether Mark Harmon or CBS will make a statement regarding these accusations from Pauley Perrette.

However, there are reasons to believe that Mark Harmon could be staying silent on purpose. First off, Harmon has a reputation to maintain as the star of NCIS. His character is seen as an all-American hero. Harmon himself has a positive image among fans as well. Keeping a low-profile until the gossip dies down would be a good way to not get his reputation dragged through the dirt provided other people do not come out with their own accusations.

If Mark Harmon is found guilty, there’s a chance that he is working with CBS to write a proper apology that could tell his side of the story. However, this could potentially lead to a game of “he said, she said”. Which would cause people to pore over every detail of his words.

Ultimately, we will have to wait and see whether Mark Harmon or people on his side will offer a response.