Will Marvel Announce More Films After ‘Avengers: Endgame’?

We all know by now the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will likely never come to an end, despite the title of Avengers: Endgame. The word “Endgame” is more a game played on your senses in making it look like a superhero death is forever. In this universe, it’s not, even if an actor happens to leave the role or dies in real life.

Most people know Endgame is just a bookend on Phase Three and perhaps killing off some superheros, at least temporarily. However, we have a feeling some will be in limbo so the actors portraying them will return someday (e.g. Robert Downey, Jr.).

What’s really ahead for the future MCU phases? Some minor announcements have already been made.

The next Marvel film is already underway

Expect Phase Four to kick off this summer already with one pivotal movie taking place just minutes after the final events of Endgame. If you haven’t heard already, it’s the next Spider-Man movie called Spider-Man: Far From Home. It releases July 5, likely taking in a big chunk of the summer box office haul.

There’s still some mystery behind what the plot is going to be in Far From Home, other than knowing Spider-Man battles Mysterio (played by Jake Gyllenhaal). Also, the fact that Downey, Jr. makes no appearance in the teaser trailer gives everyone assumptions Tony Stark/Iron Man won’t be in the film as Peter Parker’s mentor/father figure.

Fans are debating whether this is a trick to throw them off the trail, or if it’s really due to Stark dying in Endgame’s finale. Either scenario will make Far From Home interesting. Keep in mind it’s just the beginning of Phase Four, which is noticeably loaded with sequels.

What are the other Marvel Phase Four movies?

No official word from Marvel will be forthcoming about future Phase Four movies until after Far From Home releases. Consider how much fans are going to have to digest this summer anyway, let alone having ecstatic responses to what the future of MCU holds.

Kevin Feige has also said they don’t want to plan too far out ahead since the last time they did that, things shifted at the eleventh hour. When you add in release date/marketing strategies, you can see why they don’t want to make anything definite six years in advance. Even so, they do have a rough idea of movies during this time frame.

Some movies are a sure bet while others (like X-Men) are reportedly not. 

A ‘Black Widow’ movie and two major sequels are on the horizon

Three specific films are likely going to happen. One of those is a Black Widow movie with Scarlett Johansson in the lead — filming is expected this summer. Many fans will look forward to this as a new push to bring more women into the Marvel fold. Thanks to Captain Marvel setting this precedent with Brie Larson’s nuanced and understated performance, we’re probably going to see considerable diversity in the MCU during the 2020s.

A big part of this is the expected sequel to Black Panther with the proverbial “2” in the title. Director Ryan Coogler will reportedly be back and no doubt make it another event movie. While it’s hard to believe they can top what they did in the first, there’s a lot more territory to mine if they go in different directions.

Along with these two, we’ll probably see a sequel to Doctor Strange, plus the next sequel for Guardians of the Galaxy. Latter will be a long wait after the rehire of director James Gunn.

These and others might not be out until 2021, leaving a small gap between them and Endgame/Far From Home. Arguably, we’ll need a breather, something maybe the Star Wars franchise will learn from in creating more anticipation.