Will Maya Hawke Return For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4?

New Stranger Things star Maya Hawke quickly became a fan favorite this past season. Fans are very hopeful that she (and the show) will return for a Season 4. While there’s no news about that just yet, here’s what we recently learned about Hawke and her character on the Netflix hit.

Maya Hawke played Robin in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Hawke was a new cast member in Stranger Things Season 3, portraying Robin, Steve’s co-worker at Scoops Away who ends up playing a pivotal role in saving the day. In a BuzzFeed interview in which she got to play with puppies, Hawke spoke about how she and Robin are different and how they are alike.

“Well, she’s much smarter than me,” said Hawke. “I do not speak three languages and I’m not in band. And I’m not nearly as brilliant and talented as she is.”

Here’s what they do have in common. “She really cares about her friends and she is brave when the time is right. She tries to be funny. I don’t know if she succeeds, but we both definitely try to be funny.”

She talked about filming both fun and complicated scenes

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tune in: stranger things season 3 comes out July 4.

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Given all of the behind-the-scenes images we’ve seen, it looks like the Stranger Things cast has a great time together. Hawke confirmed this, saying that working with Joe Keery [Steve], Gaten Matarazzo [Dustin], and Priah Ferguson [Erica] was a little like playing with puppies.

“They’re really funny and really cute and really fun to be around. And just dedicated, hard-workers,” she said.

Hawke also talked about filming the scene in the bathroom where she comes out to Steve. “It was really complicated to shoot, [but] it was really fun to act in. It was just meaty, and Joe and I got to really pour our hearts out.

“Most of the season you’re doing bits of real acting work and bits of, like, running from Russians,” she continued. “And that scene we got to just sit and breathe and be together and tell their story.” 

Hawke on ‘Stranger Things’ and LGBTQ representation 

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One summer can change everything.

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Robin’s coming out was an important moment for the series, though Hawke didn’t know about her character’s sexual orientation until after she got the gig.

“I learned while filming. It was amazing. I was so proud to put and LGBTQ character on such a mainstream show that people all over the world and all over our country — in red and blue states alike — watch,” she said. 

Hawke continued. “I love [Robin] and it felt true to her. I’m really glad that we did it. I know that people seem to like and that’s, in my wildest dreams, all I could want: For them to fall in love with her the way I did.”

She adds that if she and Robin are back for a potential fourth season, she “would love to see her have a girlfriend.”

Does Hawke speak Russian like Robin?

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Robin’s language skills were very important when it came to solving the season’s big mystery. But unlike her character, Hawke doesn’t speak Russian. “I didn’t know it before and I don’t know it now,” she said. 

Hawke continued, “The process [of filming those scenes] was like having someone say those words out loud to be a hundred times and me repeat them back until eventually, I could say them. [Or] what I thought was right, and then it was wrong and I had to fix it in ADR.”

On her younger ‘Stranger Things’ cast members

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Though she spent a lot of time with Keery, Hawke loves the younger cast members of the show. She said that if she was stuck on a desert island with one of them, it would have to be Matarazzo.

“Absolutely Gaten. He is a brilliant survivalist and just an intelligent person who I feel like would be really good at helping me build things and survive and start fires and build rafts,” she said.

As for who she hopes Robin will have the chance to interact with in the future, Hawke didn’t hesitate. “Mike for sure. Finn [Wolfhard]’s the best, I really want to interact with Mike.”

It looks like there’s a lot of exciting possibilities for the future of Stranger Things. Hopefully, Hawke will be involved.

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