Will Meghan Markle Always Be a Bigger Celebrity Than Other Royal Family Members?

Meghan Markle completely changed the dynamic of the royal family when she married Prince Harry almost a year ago. Suddenly, England had a duchess who wasn’t afraid to bend the rules slightly when it came to her outfit choices, being with her friends, and showing affection with her new husband.

The world loves the Duchess of Sussex, which is made clear as she is photographed wherever she goes. While we admire the other members of the royal family as well, fans can’t help but wonder if Meghan will always be a bigger celebrity than other royal family members?

Meghan rose to fame in the world of acting

We have to first take into consideration that Meghan rose to fame in the world of acting. Her father, Thomas Markle, Sr., was a lighting director on the popular show Married With Children and his daughter often accompanied him to the set. Upon her college graduation, Meghan began accepting small roles, and finally got a huge break when she landed the role of Rachel Zane on the legal drama Suits. Meghan had quite the fan base long before she was ever set up on a blind date with Prince Harry.

Many other family members were commoners

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Those who have married into the royal family in past years, such as Kate Middleton and Sarah Ferguson, were considered “commoners.” Princess Diana, on the other hand, was born into a family of British nobility, so although she was not considered a commoner, she certainly didn’t come from a Hollywood background like Meghan. Kate, on the other hand, rose to fame simply from her relationship with Prince William, and although the public much admires her, she isn’t considered a “celebrity” as much as she is the future queen of England.

Meghan has a group of celebrity friends

While Kate Middleton certainly has friends that she is close to, most of her pals don’t really have connections to Hollywood. The ones that do, she got to know after she married into the royal family. Meghan is close friends with some pretty well-known people, such as Priyanka Chopra, Serena Williams, and George and Amal Clooney.

Meghan enjoys the spotlight

Having spent most of her career in front of the camera, Meghan doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. The camera loves her, and she knows it, as she has done photo shoots and created videos in the past. She has done many interviews throughout her career, appeared in magazines, and was even a case holder on the show Deal or No Deal.

Most of the royals follow a strict set of rules

The queen has certain expectations of the members of the royal family, and they do their best to abide by her wishes. While Meghan doesn’t defy what the queen asks of her, she tends to put her own personal touches on the way she goes about living royal life. She may not always follow dress codes exactly, and she even traveled to New York for a baby shower with a group of her celebrity friends. This is something that most other members of the family would never consider doing, but as we said, Meghan likes to do things her way!

Will Meghan always be a bigger celebrity than other royal family members?

Chances are, she will. Given her ties to the celebrity world, her close connections, and her strong beliefs, Meghan Markle will likely always be a bigger celebrity than other royal family members. This certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t love the other members of the royal family just a much as we do Meghan! Her celebrity status simply comes from her background, and her rise to fame before becoming a royal.