Will Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s Relationship Change After Baby Sussex?

The anticipation of Meghan and Harry’s child is reaching its final stretch and may withstand all the rumors of Baby Sussex being a boy/girl to Meghan faking her pregnancy. All the rumors should stop after the royal baby is born, but will the snark about Meghan and Kate Middleton’s relationship come to an end?

Speculation continues about how well Meghan and Kate truly get along. While we’ve seen public evidence they like one another fine in front of the cameras, having children might make a big difference on how they relate.

Let’s take a quick look to see how their relationship might change when they’re more simpatico as mothers.

No doubt the two have connected over how to handle public pregnancy

Kate Middleton knows all too well what it’s like to be pregnant for long periods of time. There’s indication that Meghan and Harry want a lot of kids, so it’s possible Meghan will be going through the same amount of pregnancy time as Kate did.

If they can connect on anything outside of being Duchesses, it’s in Kate sharing tips on how to handle showing off baby bumps to paparazzi cameras.

It’s unfortunate Meghan has had to endure considerably unfounded speculation and criticism during her first pregnancy. No doubt Kate has given Meghan some tips on how to present herself when knowing a million cameras are aimed her way.

Now we have to wonder if the way Meghan held her baby bump was on recommendation from Kate as a way to display a more maternal look and embrace feminism tenfold.

They’ll likely share tips on how to balance kids and royal duties

While we know Meghan and Harry will have help in taking care of their newborn, we hope they’ll take time to do the natural things all parents do, as in changing diapers and feeding.

Kate will undoubtedly give Meghan detailed tips on how to balance taking care of an infant while still having to look like a million dollars. Then there’s also the problem of having to leave abroad to take on royal responsibilities.

There could also be a symbiotic aspect to their relationship if you adhere to the recent rumors of Kate being pregnant with a fourth child. Despite the palace denying it, we might be looking at a four to six-year trade-off on Kate and Meghan sharing pregnancy/baby rearing tips.

Teaming up to outwit the paparazzi

We all know about the bad blood between Meghan Markle’s family and the paparazzi. Latter have also been relentless in covering Meghan’s journey as a royal.

Outside of warnings from people like George Clooney about what tragedies this could lead to again, having Kate and Meghan working together to outwit the paparazzi could be just as powerful.

We’ve seen other celebrities who use smart strategy so photographers can’t capture the images they want. Harry and Meghan often switch vehicles when going out together to deliberately throw paparazzi off the trail.

Perhaps Meghan and Kate will team up and brainstorm ways to go out with their children so they avoid the photo hounds as much as possible.

Both may relate to being “normal” mothers

If there’s anything bringing a common bond between Meghan and Kate, it’s that they both want to live normal lives rather than being overly royal. They obviously can’t avoid living like a royal all the time, though they’ve both made a concerted effort to do tasks commoners usually do.

Kate and Meghan seem to both want to raise their kids with the same sensibility. Having this philosophy in mind will likely make their relationship all the more solid in trading tips and sharing how they stay normal.

In our minds, this should remove any so-called jealousies they may have of each other or other petty concerns. With the future of how the public perceives the royals on the line, it’s going to rely a lot on how Kate and Meghan raise their kids.